Travesty: Ice-T Arrested for Failing to Pay Bridge Troll

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2018

Ice-T is an American hero.

Imagine all he has done for this society.

And what does society do for him?

Arrests him for failing to pay some bridge troll.

Here I thought bridge trolls were outlawed in the 1700s – but I guess it’s a different story if you’re black. Or a quadroon or Puerto Rican or whatever.

Do we even live in a society? 


Police have arrested Ice-T after he failed to pay a toll at the George Washington Bridge.

Authorities say the actor and rapper was ticketed for theft of services Wednesday when he drove through an E-ZPass lane leading to the span connecting New Jersey and New York. The 60-year-old, whose real name is Tracy Marrow, was driving a new McLaren sports car and was also ticketed for not having license plates and registration.

Ice-T reportedly forgot his electronic toll transponder and has them for his other vehicles.

Ice-T tweeted “Cops went a little Extra. Coulda just wrote a ticket. In and out…Moovin.”

He was unjustly judged by these cops simply because he plays a cop on TV and is a strong black role model.

I guess maybe also for all those songs he sang about killing cops, one of which was literally entitled “Cop Killer” (from the album “Body Count”).

Whatever the case, it is high time we gave black people rights in this country.