Transvestite Teen Admits Making-Up Story of School Bathroom Rape

Daily Stormer
March 6, 2014

A butch dyke at Hercules High School in San Francisco has admitted to making up a story about being raped in the boy’s bathroom, where she is legally allowed to be in California (maybe she sits down in the urinal, lol).

This is an American high school with (at least) two transvestites.  This has nothing to do with the fact that the entire media and state apparatus is now promoting this behavior as the greatest ever thing to do. No no, I assure you, it has always been this way.  They are born like this, we only have no record of their existence because of so much hateful bigotry, which everyone everywhere always had forever for no reason.

This faggot:

God help us.

had been in the news for fighting “bullies” – that is, healthy young men who feel violated by men who defecate on the social contract by dressing up like women.

This second one was just jealous, and wanted some of that sweet media action.

I guess transvestites must like attention, huh?

From San Francisco CBS Local:

Hercules Police said investigators were not able to substantiate the unidentified student’s claims, including the time frame of the incident and the lack of any injuries or marks on the student’s body.

The unidentified student, born as a female but identifies as male, admitted Tuesday to fabricating the entire story.

Investigators said Tuesday they are looking into possibly pursuing charges against the teen.

West Contra Costa Unified School District Board of Education President Charles Ramsey responded to news of the false claim Tuesday by saying he was “relieved it didn’t happen.”

Yes, it is a cry for help and we need to be supportive and compassionate and reach out. This child is just 15-years-old,” Ramsey told KPIX 5. “We have to find out what’s going on in the home, what’s going on in their neighborhood, what’s going on with the fact that you are transgender. Are they suffering bullying? Was this a cry for help? We don’t want to minimize that.”

The 15-year-old ninth-grader, who identifies as male, had told police he was attacked by three boys as he was leaving a bathroom of the school, located at 1900 Refugio Valley Road, police said. Police were investigating the attack as a hate crime.

The incident had prompted an emergency meeting at the high school Tuesday morning involving top administrators. Hercules High has been the site of previous problems, including a Nov. 13 fight involving transgender student Jewlyes Gutierrez, 16, who identifies as female.

The student’s report on Monday also garnered a response from state Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, who had authored recent legislation about transgender rights at schools.

Among other rights, Ammiano’s law, which went into effect in January, allows transgender students to use bathrooms according to the gender with which they identify.

A spokesman for Ammiano’s office, Carlos Alcala, on Tuesday echoed sentiments of relief.

However, he said after learning about the fabricating story, “I think it is very obvious that this does not change the reality that this exists out there.”

He continued, “Transgender students find it a very difficult world to get through.”

He said this incident shows that “we need to do what we can to support all students so they feel they can have safe and equal environments at their school.”

Yes, so even when the faggot fakes a crime, it is normal people’s fault, because they just aren’t accepting enough.

The scene of the crime is very similar to the scene where sixty gajillion Jews were gassed by Hitler.  Except the gas chambers had wooden doors.