Transhumanism Expert: In Ten Years, Half of Americans will Have Microchip Implants

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 20, 2016

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The idea of merging human beings with machines has always disturbed me on a number of different levels. Firstly, I don’t think it could happen without causing psychological breakdowns in the overwhelming majority of people involved with it. You would have to genetically-engineer people to be capable of deal with the technology.

Beyond this, I’m not clear on what the point of it would actually be, as I can’t personally imagine how it would improve the human experience or increase human happiness, both of which I have found are mainly tied to inter-personal relationships and creative pursuits.

All of that aside – one has to wonder why these transhumanists are not coming out as hostile racists.

NEW DELHI, INDIA - MARCH 17: Ray Kurzweil Inventor, author, futurist speaks at the India Today Conclave 2012 in New Delhi on Saturday, March 17, 2012. (Photo by Kaushik Roy/India Today Group/Getty Images)

The top figurehead of the transhumanist movement is the Jew Ray Kurzweil. Admittedly though, that doesn’t necessarily reflect on the ideas of the movement. Jews insist on being the leaders of everything. Currently, the neo-Nazi movement is trying to shake-off an effeminate homosexual Jew who has announced himself as our leader.

We have seen what happens when brown people enter technologically advanced societies. We have seen Detroit, we have seen South Africa, we have seen what is happening across the White world with the mass immigration.

If I was a transhumanist, I would be making dealing with the brown problem the number one priority.


Last week it emerged that US naval officers have held discussions with Zoltan Istvan of the Transhumanist political party, who is also running as a candidate for the US presidency.

He advocates fitting human beings with technology, including microchips, to boost brain power or enhance physical attributes.

Istvan himself has a microchip in his hand that he uses to give out business cards, send text messages, or start his car.

He told Radio Sputnik that the US navy wanted to discuss the possibility of implanting humans with chips fitted with global positioning (GPS) technology, and said that in the near future many people will want to be fitted with chips.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if within ten years 50 percent of Americans have some type of implant, because at the end of the day an implant can reduce the size of your wallet or whatever you carry in your purse by about 30 or 40 percent,” Istvan said.

“The US Navy is interested in implants of course because they want to know where their soldiers are in the field, and it’s not always useful to have a tracking device strapped onto the wrist or to their clothing.”

The technology would enable a tracking device to continue working even if a soldier was wounded or captured by the enemy, Istvan said. He explained that the navy is also motivated by security concerns, which also raise legal questions.

“But there are some security concerns for the navy. We have civilians going into the military, and chipping yourself is something that has become more common – for example, I have a chip in my hand.”

“Do you allow somebody who has just signed up to the service with a chip in them, onto a nuclear base, or should there be some protocol or policy regarding that?”

Half the population within ten years seems like a stretch. Especially since they’re not addressing the brown problem. We are probably going to be in the middle of a gigantic race war in ten years (if Trump loses, that is).

Here’s the audio.

I won’t be getting a computer chip implanted in me. My wallet is pretty thin already. What’s more, if I sit down on a hard chair and my right buttock isn’t slightly raised over my left, I feel uncomfortable.

When the future arrives, I’ll just remain the techno-skeptical chain-smoking skinhead journalist.