Transgender Who “Detransitioned” After Four Years Says He Needed Therapy, Not Dick-Cutting

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2020

Transgenders who transition back into something resembling what they were before mutilating their bodies and messing with their hormones are becoming an increasingly common phenomenon.

So far, it looks like transgenders in general either end up committing suicide or attempt to transition back into their original form after a painful period of trying to get everyone to comply with their delusions.

Daily Mail:

An academic who detransitioned after regretting painful sex swap surgery claims he was ‘hurtled’ through the process and would never have gone through with it if therapists had addressed his traumatic past.

Criminologist Richard Hoskins, 56, was sexually abused as a child and suffered the earth-shattering loss of three of his children.

He started exploring the idea of changing his gender after the death of his third child and the breakdown of his second marriage, buying illegal hormones off the Internet in 2014.

Richard Hoskins before “transitioning.”

Just a few weeks later he was in what he calls the ‘NHS gender identity machine’ and was being fast tracked through a process that usually takes years.

He flew to Thailand to have operations to remove his testicles and reconstruct his face to look more like ‘Rachel’ and less like Richard.

But when he returned to the UK and the Health Service offered him surgery to fully transition, he started to doubt everything.

He says he soon realised he was ‘using gender transition to escape his past’ and claims he regrets his operations ‘every day’.

Speaking on Victoria Derbyshire today, he said: ‘For the sake of the nation’s sanity, we first need to explore if something else is going on before people transition.’

No, the motto here in the West is “cut dicks first, ask questions later.”

The pinnacle of current year virtue.

Of course there’s something else going on with people who want to mutilate their genitals.

Until the fact that no one who’s right in the head would think about stuff like that is openly recognized, these sick people won’t be able to get the help they need and they will continue to be exploited, used and abused.

After taking powerful testosterone blockers and oestrogen he went to his GP, who referred him to a Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) within two weeks, he told the BBC.

He said: ‘I went to the GP who felt sorry for me. They referred me to the GIC, which usually takes the best part of a year. But I saw my first consultant in two weeks, which is incredible.’

Quizzed on why he was referred so quickly, he added: ‘They knew I was self-prescribing and I needed help.

‘But another theory is that I’m highly educated, I had done my research and I was very convincing. If that’s the truth, it’s highly disturbing.’

He said that soon after he returned from Thailand, where he underwent a number of gruelling procedures, he was being offered vaginoplasty, the operation that turns penises into vaginas, on the NHS.

Mr Hoskins said: ‘The NHS offered me full construction of a vagina from my penis.

‘When that letter landed on my doormat it was a very fast process. I was due to go to hospital in a couple of months’ time. That was the first moment of absolute doubt.

‘I had started to question things from around four weeks earlier. I went to see a gender psychotherapist and she said to me, what pain are you carrying?

‘It was a life-changing, jaw dropping moment.’

He told the BBC he did have counselling on the NHS, but it was only three sessions, which he maintains only focused on gender dysphoria – not any other underlying issues.

Mr Hoskins said: ‘It was the first time anybody had stopped and asked what is going on underneath the surface.

You get counselling, but it’s gender counselling, and it’s only three appointments.

‘They are only focused on the gender issue. They do ask for your back story, but they didn’t address my painful past.

All they wanted to talk about was gender dysphoria.’

I’m telling you: cut dicks first, ask questions later.

The 56-year-old said that had he done his two years of counselling for post-traumatic stress disorder before he started his journey to become Rachel, he would not have gone through with it.

He told the programme: ‘I’m not against gender transition. But what I would equally say is there are a huge number of people who use gender transition to escape their pain.

‘I was escaping my pain and my past. I had gone through extreme trauma, but PTSD switches off the normal ways in which we analyse things.

He added: ‘I’m saying, let’s pause the process, let’s slow it down.

I have a lot of trans friends who now regret transitioning.’

Asked whether he regrets transitioning, he said: ‘Absolutely. Every day.

‘I have made irreversible changes. I have no naturally-occurring hormones.

‘I have breasts. I can’t go outside in a T-shirt. I still can’t feel my skull in some places.

‘But I am lucky to be alive. I’ve been through hell but I do believe it’s possible to live in your own skin and be happy again.’

Reflecting on his past, he said today: ‘I should have had weekly therapy. I know now.

The highest rate of suicide of any mental health issue is those who believe they have gender dysphoria.

‘That alone should say is it gender dysphoria or is it another issue?’

The solution isn’t to stop men from cutting off their dicks but to change society so everyone is accepting of vaginas made out of surgically-inverted dicks.

Perhaps if everyone is transgender, transgenders will finally find happiness.

They are both trans.