Trans-Negress Rushes to the Defense of Trans-Gook

As you know, there is a trans-Korean British guy now.

He had total face surgery to try to look Korean.

After being attacked over this – and he was indeed widely attacked, by liberals – he’s under the protective wing of trans-negress Rachel Dolezal.


Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who gained notoriety in 2015 for claiming that she identifies as Black, has spoken up in support of Oli London.

London, who is British-born and ethnically white and goes by they/them pronouns, said this week that they “transitioned” races.

London has a TikTok following of over 427,000 and got attention for appearing on Barcroft TV’s “Hooked on the Look” series in 2018 and E!’s “Botched” series in 2019. During those TV appearances, they talked about how expensive and painful it was to undergo multiple plastic surgeries to look like their favorite BTS star, Park Jimin.

During a 2018 appearance on the British TV show “Hooked on a Look,” London said, “I’ve not exactly changed my race. I’m not saying I’m Asian as such. I’m always going to be British and Caucasian, but I would like to look as close as possible to Korean popstars and Jimin.”

Dolezal was responding to questions on the backlash that London received after they announced on June 24 that they “identify as Korean.”

“I do think that the broader issue here is compassion and kindness, and that personal identity is not the big fish to fry when it comes to somebody’s personal choices or how they feel,” said Dolezal, speaking to TMZ on July 1.

You all remember Dolezal.

She’s looking like a trans-Hutt these days.

She managed to look about as black as – if not blacker than – the quadroon scam artist Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Ever since Dolezal became the first publicly trans-racial person – after it was exposed that she was the head of her local NAACP chapter – this issue has been muddled.

Firstly, it simply does not follow that if a man can become a woman then a white can’t become a black (or Korean). It is now sacred moral dogma of the high church of the global anus that it is totally possible for a woman to accidentally be born in the wrong body. The scientific explanation is that the soul is misplaced.

Well, if the female soul can be misplaced in a man’s body, why can’t a Korean’s soul be misplaced in a white man’s body? There is whole helluva lot bigger difference, genetically, between a white man and a white woman than there is between a white man and a Korean man.

Perhaps, genetics don’t really factor into it, because it is soul transfer science, which, according to Bill Nye and the entire establishment, is a hard science.

But then, what is the underlying logic, in terms of the state doctrine? A white woman can’t change to a black woman because she is undermining black people. But why is it allowed for men to undermine women? Also, if it’s science that souls can be misplaced, how can anyone be undermined by the nature of scientific fact?

On a practical level, I could see how transracialism would cause more problems.

I tell men to say they identify as women and then go into women’s locker rooms and start jacking off, because it will lead to fun and destruction. I have explained that there is no requirement on taking estrogen or even wearing women’s clothes, you can just say “yeah, I’m a woman now” and go into the locker room and start the jerk-fest. Most men, however, will not do this, despite the fact it is fun, legal, hilarious and financially lucrative – by simply saying “I’m a woman now,” you get access to all of these female privileges in preferred hiring and university placement.

You can also win big time gold medals in the Olympics at sports you’ve never even played before and get a sponsorship from Nike. Honestly, you could just sign up for every Olympic sport and probably win them all, other than like, ice skating and gymnastics.

Just imagine if Bo Jackson had been alive at the time of trannies.

For those too young to remember: Bo played both football (handegg) and baseball in the same period, both in major leagues. He was a famous inspirational figure, following the “you can do anything you put your mind to” mantra of my own youth. Usually at the time, inspirational sports figures were mostly marketed to black children, as in “don’t do drugs, you silly pickaninny – you can become a famous sports star!” But I think all white people were awed by Bo, since he could play two sports at once. So the Bo inspirational poster was in every elementary school classroom.

I can’t find the exact poster I remember, but it was this picture with a similar quote (I just think it had the classic black border now used in the “demotivational” meme):

Since we’re just talking about whatever at this point – I’m not necessarily opposed to black people being used as inspirations for white kids – especially in the 1990s, when you didn’t have all of this racial tension. Bo Jackson in particular – the nigga was playing two sports at once. There is an underlying implication of: “well, if a black guy is successful, then what is going on with you, bud?”

However, looking now at that Bo Jackson poster – it was probably a negative event to have white girls looking at that and the teacher saying “this is an example of a very successful man.” White girls, as it turns out, are looking for any excuse to get railed by Tyrone, and this Bo Jackson inspirational poster isn’t helpful.

It’s kinda like that with every seemingly harmless thing related to multiculturalism. You say, “well, Bo actually IS inspirational – what’s the harm in celebrating him?”

Then, ten years later:

But I digress.

The one regrettable thing about Bo Jackson is that they wouldn’t allow him to play football with a bat. (As you might have guessed, I was a bit class-clownish in school, and I used to say “they should combine the sports so Bo can play football with a bat.”)

Point being: due to the tranny agenda, every man has the ability to be Bo Jackson – and much more. You can win as many sports as you have time to play, and you don’t even have to practice. You just show up and beat women at sports and win money and sponsorships. You can even show up drunk.

This is the greatest opportunity of our age.

But yeah – despite these crazy benefits, no normal heterosexual male wants to claim trannyism.

Claiming to be black in order to access black privilege, however – that is something whites probably would do. Just go into a job, fill out “black” on the application, then walk into the interview as a white guy and say “yall muthofuckas bess is be do hired my blackass or yall is be rassis and I is be called my lolyer.”

That would create problems, because there would be no reason not to do that. Then all whites would have affirmative action, and then the entire concept of affirmative action – giving special privileges to the racially inferior – would be undermined.

So maybe that’s why they’re mad?

Furthermore, Ben Shapiro is a Fraud

In response to the trans-gook, Jewish fake conservative Ben Shapiro tweeted.

Do you see what’s wrong with it?

What Shapiro is doing is mocking the idea of trannies by pointing out the disconnect between the response to transgender and the response to transracial.

However: Ben Shapiro has said that “race doesn’t exist.”

Within his own ideology, he should support transracialism, even though he is against transsexualism.

But he doesn’t maintain his ideology, because he doesn’t really care.

Do you see how at the beginning of this piece, I tried to work through all of the logic of this situation? Ben didn’t do that. Instead he said “hehehe,” despite the fact that he was actually pointing to the absurdity of his own claim that race doesn’t exist.