Trans Man Realizes He’s Pregnant After Starting His Transition

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2019

Oops. Wrong picture.


Err… still the wrong picture.

This is the right one:

There. As you can see, in Current Year, bearded men can suddenly become pregnant.

It’s actually pretty efficient, as the baby will have mommy and daddy in the same person.

This saves up space and prepares people for the upcoming nigger overpopulation problem, where everyone will need to be all the genders at once and live in tiny apartments like insects.


Wyley Simpson had just started his transition to become a man when he found out he was pregnant.

Initially he was shocked and nervous as he did not feel ready to have a baby with his fiancé, Stephan Gaeth, 28.

Wait so uh… “his” fiance is a gay man that had heterosexual sex with “him” and now he’s going to be… dad number 2?


I mean. It’s current year. This is fine. I’m fine with this. Are you fine with this? You should be fine with this.

This is “his” fiance:

However, determined to make the surprise work, Wyley carried through with his pregnancy – while battling abuse and judgement from strangers on a daily basis.

But on September 5 2018, Wyley gave birth to their 7lb 5oz son, Rowan, via emergency C-section – after which he said all of the comments became worth it.

Wyley, from San Antonio, Texas, US, said: ‘It’s not every day that someone sees a pregnant man walking down the road, so we received a fair amount of abuse – I would be told that I’ll never be a man, “men don’t carry babies” and everyone called me “it”.

‘Having gone through the transitioning process since I was 21-years-old, having a physical baby bump was something so feminine that messed with my head.

He said: ‘I am looking to fully transition in the future, so the likelihood of having another child naturally is unlikely.

I don’t see myself as any less of a man because of what happened, but I just do not identify in such a feminine way as to be pregnant – so it won’t be happening again.

Yeah, buddy, you’re definitely a manly manly man that just happens to have a vagina that gets regularly penetrated by a man, and not identifying as a female definitely stopped you from getting pregnant the first time, because biology bends to your mental illness.

still not peak degeneracy tho

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