Trannies and Blood Rituals: Wokeism is Turning Into a Satanic New Religion

We say often that “mask wearers are like a cult” or “global warming fanaticism is a new religion.” These statements are true. Leftists believe in things that are demonstrably false and then claim it is “science.” Virtually everything they believe is demonstrably false, and much of it is totally goofy.

Most of these things are shrouded in technobabble, however. The believers in manmade global warming believe it with religious fervor, but they also at least make the claim that it is falsifiable, and point to people claiming to have collected data to make their charts.

However, things are getting more explicitly metaphysical as the woke doctrine evolves.

The most obvious example of unadulterated metaphysics is the tranny phenomenon. What they are claiming is that people are being born in the wrong bodies. This does not make any sense within the internal logic of atheism. The dogma taught by the likes of Richard Dawkins and the public school system is that human consciousness is a product of our brains. The fact that we are self-aware is purely a result of the body itself. Therefore, the idea that someone is “born in the wrong body” doesn’t make any sense.

We got to this point through a basic bait and switch. “Transgenderism” became mainstream as a result of the normalization of all sexual perversion. The story was: “people can do whatever makes them happy.” We were told not to judge others for their “sexual preferences,” as it was claimed that they were “consenting adults” that are “not hurting anyone.”

At some point, sometime around 2015, they started talking about transgenderism in terms of being “born that way.” This was clearly designed for the purpose of applying it to children, so that they could create child homosexuals. It is sexualizing children. But they couldn’t come out directly and say “we are sexualizing children,” so they dissociated the sexual dysphoria from sexuality. What you have now is something that equates to “this person’s soul is in the wrong body.” Therefore, they are to be injected with hormones to change their bodies, and they may have their genitals mutilated.

The tranny agenda serves a purpose: they are attempting to legalize sex with children by first sexualizing children. They will then later claim that it is abuse of the children to not let them “express themselves” sexually by having sex with adults.

It’s all obviously very sick, but what’s notable is the way people were willing to accept this metaphysical concept as a reasoning for turning children into homosexual playthings.

But if we look past the sickness of it, it’s a really big leap that has been made from claiming to have a scientific basis for belief into pure metaphysics.

No one can make the claim that child trannies are somehow scientific.

Bill Nye the Science Guy promoted a song about trannies and didn’t make the claim it was scientific.

Meanwhile, this:

Teen Vogue, which is probably the single most-read commentary website by Anglosphere teenage girls, is promoting the theory that women have magical powers while they’re menstruating.

The article that was tweeted out by the site’s official Twitter is from September of 2019. Written by someone calling herself “Lisa Stardust,” the original title is “Menstrual Blood Magic: 3 Spells for Your Period.”

If you were thinking this was something figurative, as in some message about empowerment, then you would be correct. That is in the article. However, there are also actual instructions for blood magic.

No joke.

This “Lisa Stardust” person identifies as an astrologer and resides in New York City. I can only find one picture of her, but it makes me believe her real name might be Stardustberg or Stardustowitzenheimer.

Her profile on Teen Vogue shows that she’s written consistently for the site for many years, publishing a piece at least once a week, usually about astrology. Many of them include advice on rituals. The articles are clearly written in a style intended for children.

“Stardust” also wrote for Oprah Winfrey’s website. Oprah has long been known to promote various forms of ritual magic. On her website right now, you can find her selling tarot cards, including a deck of the ritual cards designed by Aleister Crowley.

Crowley was a prominent freemason, Kabbalist and satanist who fancied himself “the Antichrist” and “The Beast 666.” He claimed to have engaged in both animal and human sacrifice.

Crowley also wrote of the satanic power that comes from the act of anal sex.

He claimed to have opened a portal to the demon world through a sex magic ritual and contacted a demonic creature physically. His drawing of it was made long before “gray aliens” began appearing in popular culture.

He claimed the creature was the embodiment of an otherworldly Tibetan lama. (“Free Tibet” was one of the stupidest of liberal slogans. These people were doing human sacrifice up through modern times. They are not actually Buddhists, they use it as a cover for their satanic Hindu Kali death cult like Haitians use Catholicism as a cover for voodoo. China was right – Tibet is a weird, satanic place, and they needed to learn the happiness magic of Sino-Friendship.)

Teen Vogue used to be a print magazine. It was launched in 2003 to get in on the market of teen girl advice magazines. Girls have for decades looked to these magazines for advice on life. I remember seeing them on the shelves when I was a kid, and I remember girls having them lying around and sharing them at school. Girls would start looking at these even before they entered puberty, as it is natural enough that a girl of 10 or 11 is looking forward to what it will be like in high school.

In theory, instructional materials for young girls should be a good thing, but these magazines tended to have articles like “How to Give Better Blowjobs” and “What to Do If Your Boyfriend Farts While You’re Giving Him a Blowjob.” There was never a warning label on these magazines informing anyone that they contain pornographic and satanic content.

This “sex guide” stuff was packaged alongside makeup and fashion advice. A father who saw his daughter with such a magazine would assume it was just cutesy girl stuff. A mother would assume her daughter needs to know what to do if her boyfriend farts during a blowjob and not mention to the father that is what his daughter is reading about.

The magazine ceased publishing a printed edition in 2017, and though I have not done a full study on the matter, one would assume that the content became more extreme when it moved from physical reality out into the ether of this series of tubes. In 2019, the same year this blood magic ritual piece was posted, Teen Vogue made headlines telling teen girls how to do anal sex.

The popularity and impact of pornographic and now satanic material marketed to teenage girls demonstrates yet another failure of the Christian church in the West. Judeo-Christians have made zero attempt to market anything at all to the youth. The infrastructure existed in the 1990s for Christians to market a competing cultural zeitgeist, maybe have a magazine called “Virgin” and fill it with gossip material about how girls who have sex before marriage are filthy whores.

Women are hyper-social. Whereas men can manipulate their physical environment to maintain their own survival, women only have the ability to manipulate their social environment and convince men not only to not kill them, but to feed and shelter them. Women are obsessive-compulsively aware of the social environment, and it is not rocket science to use shame and fear of shame or banishment to maintain chastity among some percentage of young girls. Throughout history, women have been born whores, and yet up until recently, they were under control. Any society that didn’t control them inevitably failed and everyone died.

Yes, Christians were working against the Jews, who are very good at tricks. But the lack of any attempt to maintain the chastity of teenage girls ensured a failed society. After the advent of condoms, and then the normalization of abortion and secret abortion, women were bound to go wild if they got the chance. Once girls began having multiple sex partners as teenagers, society was doomed. Women’s brains are designed to release bonding chemicals when they have sex. That isn’t bro science – read about oxytocin.

If women continue to have sex without forming an actual bond, they will eventually be unable to form a bond. Therefore, you have the divorce rate’s correlation with previous sex partners.

Once the family collapses like this, you enter into a death spiral, where the most evil things you can imagine become reality. You are now witnessing the endgame, where society goes from nihilistic atheism into a kind of satanic voodooism as it approaches total collapse.

It’s tiresome to even write about this stuff anymore – of course Teen Vogue is promoting anal sex alongside blood rituals. The goal of the Jews, the goal of their doom spiral, is to drag everything down to the lowest possible outcome. This is life away from God, this is life away from the order of nature. It keeps getting worse until it stops.

Humans who have separated from God will begin to devolve into bizarre pagan voodoo rituals. This stuff is just getting started. Eventually, you will have public human sacrifice, as the Jews have always done in honor of their demon gods.

I have warned for a long time that the core of this emerging death cult is the environmentalist movement. During the summer of 2020, women and trannies wearing red dresses began to appear at various protests.

They would do various dances.

Here they are in Israel itself.

This same ritual was performed in cities across the world. It was associated with the “Extinction Rebellion” warming cult. An article published on in April of last year claims to have found the designer of this scene, a Briton named Doug Francisco. He told them that the red was to represent “the blood of the species.”

Here’s a video about the phenomenon featuring an apparently Jewish woman babbling about the blood.

They will do ritual human sacrifice and claim that it is “people giving their lives to save the earth.” There will be a serpent statue. This will happen.

We are close to this now. You don’t know how close we are. You couldn’t imagine what is happening now five years ago. Just so, you cannot imagine what will happen five years from now. We are going into open pedophilia and human sacrifice.

People who are going along with the metaphysics of trannies don’t understand what they are doing. They do not understand what they are agreeing to by agreeing to the rationale for separating body from soul. But there is an internal logic behind all of it. This is all ancient, satanic, pagan death cult material. Anal sex, pedophilia, female dominance, blood rituals – this has all happened before.

The Bible is very clear about this: you are not to live amongst these people, or you will share their sin.

You need to go out of the city. These people will pollute you and they will dirty your soul.

The fight is over and we lost. Now, the fight is for your soul. The vaccine passport is going to make it impossible for you to work or do business if you refuse to take the shot.

There is nothing left for you among these satanists.

There is nothing good left.

Obligatory palate cleanser follows.