Traitorous Queen of the Danes Welcomes Subhuman Invasion in New Year’s Speech

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2015

"Let them eat kebab."
“Let them eat kebab.”

The Queen Margrethe of Denmark has come out as a traitor to her own country, welcoming in the hordes of subhuman invaders who have fallen upon the nation to strip the flesh from its bones.

The Local:

“Recently, thousands of refugees have come to Denmark, very many from the horrifying and protracted civil war in Syria. Everywhere throughout this country, a major effort is being made to help the refugees. The task may seem daunting – to receive so many people from foreign countries and different cultures,” she said.

The Danish government’s decisions to introduce a new temporary resident permit for Syrian refugees and to limit refugees’ ability to bring their family members to Denmark did not escape Queen Margrethe’s attention.

“It is not enough to take care of them, we must also help them to feel at home in society so that they can gain a foothold and manage on their own… We must also encourage newly arrived persons to build a new existence where they can take responsibility for themselves and do their best to feel at ease in the foreign country, be it for a long or a short period of time,” Queen Margrethe said.

The queen then extended a special greeting to those refugees who have found their way to Denmark.

“I wish those who have arrived here a happy New Year and a good start here,” she said.

I imagine a few Danish readers may assert that it is not my place to denounce the Queen for treason. However, regardless of who does or doesn’t say it, it is treason for a figure such as the Queen, whether she is the head of state in reality or just in title, to openly celebrate the destruction of her nation.

I am continually shocked at the monarchies of Europe refusing to address the invasion and conquest of Europe by the hordes. I do not see any way in which this benefits them. Weird old Charles actually had his wife stolen from him by a sand-ape, being humiliated in front of the whole world, and still refuses to stand up and speak against the invasion.

Why is this? What do they have to lose? Do they think that the Caliphate is going to let them keep their castles? Do they just not care about their own bloodline?

It doesn’t make any sense to me.

The Queen’s entire speech is available in English here.