Traitorous Royal Navy Celebrates Aiding the Enemy on Facebook

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2015

The reaction was not good.
The reaction was not good.

The traitorous Royal Navy was caught celebrating their assisting of an invading army of sub-Saharan Negroes, and the response they got from the invaded was very poor.

The sentiment is rising that these people need to be sent back.  In order to force the issue, we need to focus on the fact that the Merkel/UN/Jew argument is nonsensical.

They are telling us these people are escaping Libya, while also admitting they are not from Libya.  It is utter gibberish, and honestly, I am very used to Jew gibberish and yet this is shocking even to be.

I recently summarized the situation:

These people are leaving their own countries for Libya in order to board boats and come to Europe. The reason they are doing this is because they know that Europe is now accepting unlimited numbers of Africans. So, if it were not for the policy of Europe accepting African immigrants, they would not be going to Libya at all.

What these organizations are saying is that people who go to Libya to catch a boat to Europe must be allowed in Europe because they could be abused while moving through Libya to come to Europe. They are so afraid of abuse in Libya – where they came to get on a boat to come to Europe – that they are willing to risk getting on a boat to come to Europe.

In other words, this whole thing is completely insane. It is a canard. What the media and the rest of the establishment is selling us is pure gibberish, and it can be proved to be pure gibberish simply by reading their own words about it.

Internalize this reality and spread the meme every chance you get.  We need to force these people to acknowledge that they have been caught in a lie.  If we spread the “why are they in Libya?” meme thoroughly, eventually the mainstream commentators will begin picking it up.

Also, the people “rescuing” these apes should be taken to the Hague for crimes against humanity and attempted genocide.

Correction: for some reason the title originally read “Italian Navy.”  These things happen.