Traitor Scum Cops Arrest New Jersey Gym Owner at Behest of Sick Mommy “Governor Pedoface”

Tuesday morning, we reported on some heroic bodybuilders in New Jersey who were defying the brutal mommy governor of that state, Phil “Pedoface” Murphy and opening their gym. Later that day, the cops arrested them.

If we ever get out of this satanic hoax dystopia and have true freedom, today will be enshrined as a national holiday – national lifting day – in which we will all pump iron and get swole in honor of these heroes. #LiftForJersey #LiftForAmerica

The owner of the gym had gone on Tucker Carlson and said he was doing this for political reasons, to stand up for the Constitution and against those who would destroy our freedoms, and not for money. That pretty much ensured Gov. Pedoface wasn’t going to let them get away with it.

He had to make an example of anyone who claims to be a human being with natural rights that can’t be violated.

The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Bellmawr police arrested one member of Atilis Gym on Tuesday, and cited its owners for the second day in a row for remaining open in defiance of Gov. Phil Murphy’s orders amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti, the owners, initially reopened the gym Monday after appearances on Fox News programs last week roused national publicity and support. The two were charged with a disorderly person’s offense on Monday as a large crowd gathered out front of the gym on Browning Road.

They were charged with the same offenses around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday. Bellmawr police then warned them they could face additional action. Regardless, the gym remained open. Around 12:30 p.m., police began issuing summons citations to members as they left the facility.

One member, who later identified himself only as Matt, 39, of West Deptford, was arrested and charged with obstructing the administration of law, after he declined to give officers his name, and with violating the governor’s executive order.

Temperatures rose as Matt was handcuffed, with the dozen supporters who lingered in the parking lot screaming out in his defense. “They’re arresting a citizen here!” one man yelled, while others screamed, “This is horrible!”

“Five other individuals were issued summons violations of the Governor’s order for utilizing Atilis Gym,” the Bellmawr Police Department said in a statement. “One individual was charged with organizing a protest in violation of the Governor’s Order.”

Police did not respond to additional questions.

“I asked them why they needed my name and the next thing I knew they were handcuffing me,” said Matt.

Police drove him to the station, issued him citations, which included a June court date, then released him. He walked back to the parking lot to pick up his car.

“It was quite the surprise,” he said. “I wasn’t expecting that.”

Police approached each member as they exited the gym and asked for their names and license-plate information. Officers told people they would be summoned for violating the governor’s orders.

“I’m sorry this happened,” Smith said on the phone to a member who was cited. “Our lawyers will help you.”

On Tuesday, a GoFundMe organized by supporters of the gym had raised more than $30,000 to help the owners and members pay for legal fees. Supporters also walked up to the owners and handed them cash as they stood outside the gym, and a few local lawyers offered their services pro bono.

Camden County Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli Jr. issued a statement stating incidents surrounding the gym put “people at risk to spread the virus. These capricious actions undermine the work we have all done and the progress we have made over the last two months.”

However, Cappelli added that “good points have been raised through this conversation about reopening our businesses.”

Tuesday’s scene was completely different compared with Monday, when police largely stood by as a mass of supporters gathered outside. Around 11 a.m. Monday, three hours after the gym opened, an officer informed the owners and supporters they were in violation of the executive order, then said “have a good day” and walked away. Two hours later, Smith and Trumbetti were issued their first disorderly conduct summons. No arrests or additional citations were given.

Despite the more aggressive stance by police Tuesday, Smith and Trumbetti were not deterred. If anything, the police action affirmed their determination to reopen.

“We’re just being harassed,” said Smith. “You’re going after free citizens who have not broken any laws, and you’re intimidating them with … financial threats, with potential imprisonment.”

Smith and Trumbetti were convinced the police action was inspired by state orders. On Monday, Murphy warned of a “different reality” for those who choose to use the gym Tuesday. However, Murphy’s office said the action was up to Bellmawr police.

He won’t even take credit for his own orders. And the scum police won’t correct him.

“This is a whole matter for local law enforcement,” Matt Platkin, Murphy’s chief counsel, said Tuesday. “So they’re going to make their own independent determinations as to how to handle the situation and de-escalate as appropriate. But the business itself is being held to the same standard as has been held to every business that’s not subject or subject to the executive orders that the governor has issued across the state.”

Trumbetti said of Murphy’s warning: “He was expecting us to give in and we’re not. I’m going to have to be locked behind bars to not open these doors.”

Officers also cracked down on the protesters, asking them to stay inside their cars. Ayla Wolf, who has organized various protests to reopen New Jersey, was charged with organizing a protest and violating the executive order.

“No gathering of more than 10 people!” one officer yelled at supporters gathering to buy Atilis Gym T-shirts. “We don’t want to charge anybody, but you’re going to force us to.”

These police are lower than any jogger, I can tell you that.

Imagine being told you have to go and take away people’s basic freedoms by a guy with a sickening face like a child molester and simply saying, “sure thing, boss. Those Americans are real scum thinking they have rights, and I’ll go humiliate them and make sure they understand they don’t have any rights, because you’re the mommy and you want safety.”

What would these cops say if Governor Murphy had said, “and if any of them has a male child between the ages of 4 and 8, bring it to me so I can sodomize it”? Do you think the answer would be anything different than “sure thing, boss man”?

If you do, then you’re deluding yourself. The cops who are enforcing this lockdown and arresting the patriots who are standing up for their freedoms under this dumb claim that all of this is to protect people in nursing homes from dying of the flu will do literally anything, including take you for force vaccinations or steal your children and give them to pedophiles.

I know that in the right-wing, we tend to have positive views of the cops as a symbol of lawful authority, but what we all need to understand is that the authority they represent is no longer lawful. The only authority that the cops ever had came from the United States Constitution, and they are flagrantly violating that, stomping all over it, making an absolute mockery of this country, so they no longer deserve any respect at all and should instead be viewed as an enemy of the people.

Thus far, since this coronavirus hoax started, I’m not aware of even one single cop who’s been in the media for refusing to violate the Constitution. All of them swear an oath to the Constitution, and all of them are now in violation of that oath. We no longer owe them respect. They are no longer enforcers of the peace. They are simply thugs and scum doing the bidding of evil people.

How Governor Phil Murphy sees himself
How others see him

In fact, by working to destroy the Constitution like this, cops are now in the category of “traitor.” I understand that’s a difficult realization to come to, but I ask you: explain to me how it isn’t simply a fact.

You can’t explain it because it’s true. By using their badges, guns and vested authority to destroy our freedoms, they are violating their oath and betraying America.

“You traitorous scum!” is what the protesters in New Jersey should have been yelling at them.