Train and Subway Passengers Beaten, Thrown Down Stairs for Not Wearing Face Masks in Spain

By framing coronavirus as a deadly threat, the government/media has automatically granted heroic status to anyone willing to brutally enforce social distancing and any measure purported to keep people safe.

You see, this is about saving people’s lives, so there is nothing off the table. The end justifies the means. It’s for the greater good.

Daily Mail:

Rail passengers have been thrown down stairs and tackled to the ground for not wearing face masks as coronavirus rules are brutally enforced in Spain.

Shocking footage taken at La Segrera underground station in Barcelona shows one man involved in a scuffle with two security guards.

At one point during the struggle, the man is thrown down some steps and he lands on the floor on his back with a loud thud.

One of the security guards is heard shouting at the man on the floor: ‘I am fed up with you. And now you can call the police.’

In a separate incident at the Getafe train station just outside Madrid, another man was grabbed by train guards for not wearing his mask properly because he was talking on the phone.

The man was forced to get off the train after arriving at the station where five members of staff began wrestling him. He eventually ended up being forced to the ground.

According to local media, the security guards had to call local police and officers were then deployed to the station. The guards reported the passenger for assault to the national police.

The Spanish government have stipulated that it is mandatory to wear a face mask when it’s impossible to keep a social distance as part of the health measures to prevent a new COVID-19 outbreak.

Who gave you permission to decide what to wear or what not to wear on your face, little man? You’re risking everyone’s lives by having rights and deciding what to do with your body!

We are going to make sure everyone’s safe.

If you refuse to comply with the New Normal, you are going to be dragged away.

We just cannot risk our beloved grandparents dying of the flu.