Trailer for Shaniqua in Wonderland Gets Ratioed, People So Sick of Blacks

It would be one thing if your entire culture was being invaded by a foreign group who looked totally different than you, but the replacers were pleasant. Regrettably, that is not the case with the blacks.

Black people:

  • Are violent
  • Are criminals
  • Are rude
  • Are aggressive in public
  • Have poor personal hygiene
  • Have low IQs
  • Don’t work
  • Sell drugs
  • Do drugs
  • Live on welfare
  • Are physically unattractive
  • Hate white people
  • Make demands of white people
  • Kill white people

Replacing whites with people like that is a very hard sell. These people have got literally no redeeming qualities, but we’re told not only are they amazing, but that they are so much better than us that our entire lives should be about serving them.

This messaging is kooky, frankly.

The worst part is that you are not allowed to question it. Not only are you declared evil if you question it, but you can also be fired or kicked out of school. That multiplies the psychological effects of all of this.

So when people see the beloved stories from their childhood going black, they are going to experience negative emotions.

Well, “Come Away,” a new film starring Angela Jolie, is the most blacked up thing yet. It takes Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, and combines them into one story, where they are mulatto brother and sister.

Jolie plays a dirty old slut who birthed the two children after copulating with an African.

The mulatto children have a great adventure through a beautiful 19th century white people world.

What I want to know is: why do these films about the blacks never show a black world?

Nineteenth century Africa looked like much of 20th century Africa (and like 20th and 19th century B.C. Africa, for that matter). It’s a compelling setting for a story.

I have no idea if the story presented in this trailer is a good story. I suspect it isn’t. It looks like totally sappy garbage. We see most of the plot points unveiled in the trailer, as this is the new custom of trailers, and most people die, including both parents. Killing children’s parents is a hack way to increase a film’s emotional resonance by emotionally exploiting the audience. Furthermore, I don’t care if it’s a good story, because I’m tired of having blacks shoved down my throat by Hollywood Jews.

The film is written by a woman.

It’s also directed by a woman: a fat, white woman.

I’m just so exhausted by this crap.

Apparently I’m not the only one. The up-down ratio on these uploads is horrible.

This is the one from the top of the page, which is the official upload:

The fact it has been up for a week and has nearly 3 million views and under 2 thousand up/down votes almost certainly means that the clock has been reset.

I don’t actually know how copyright works with film trailers, but it is clear that other channels are allowed to legally upload certainly Hollywood film trailers.

Here’s another upload:

And another:

So, most people are also exhausted by this whole thing with “everyone is black now, all white women are having sex with blacks, whites are over with.”

Interestingly, however, just as this is going into warp speed, the theater industry is ending, and we’re not going to be able to see how much money these films make or how many people choose to watch them, because streaming numbers are all secret.

What we do know is that these companies are willing to lose money in order to push these various Jewish agendas, including diversity and various sexual agendas.

We saw that not only would Netflix lose subscribers over pushing the Cuties pedophile film, they would also send out the CEO to defend it, when he could have easily just said nothing.

“Come Away” is due out on November 13, in theaters (allegedly) and streaming. I doubt many people will watch it, and many fewer will enjoy it. The claim that children want to watch a bunch of people of a different race has been repeatedly debunked.

You might remember that by the 1990s, cartoons in America usually had a black guy on the team. Particularly cartoons that were linked to toy lines.

G.I. Joe:


Conan the Adventurer:




And you can go on.

They didn’t include these blacks for political reasons: they included them because they had focus grouped it, and found that black kids were more likely to watch the show and buy the toy if there was a black character.

We’ve all seen the videos of little girls crying about black dolls.

That said, many colored children do naturally prefer white characters and toys, as we well know.

Making a children’s show with black people is totally counter-intuitive, on every level. Both because blacks are a small part of the population, and because even most blacks would prefer to look at whites.

Doing this mulatto thing is just totally political, and designed to teach very young children that what the pretty girls like Angelina do is have sex with black men.

It’s all just so very Jewish.