TRAGEDY STRIKES: Biggest Migrant Shipwreck of the Year – 140 Blacks Dead!

A great tragedy has occurred.

Our precious blacks… they sank.


A weekend migrant shipwreck off Senegal has left at least 140 people dead, making it the deadliest so far this year, the International Organization for Migration confirmed Thursday.

About 200 passengers set off in the vessel from the Senegalese town of Mbour on Saturday, heading for Spain’s Canary Islands, but the boat soon caught fire and sank off Senegal’s northwestern coast near Saint Louis. Fifty-nine passengers were saved, IOM said.

The deadliest shipwreck comes as the number of boats trying to reach the Canary Islands from Senegal’s shores has “significantly increased in recent weeks,” the U.N. migration agency said.

Last month, 14 boats attempted the voyage, and about one-quarter “were reported to have experienced an incident or shipwreck,” IOM said.

Senegal’s shores were once a major departure point for those hoping to migrate to Europe. However, in recent years it had become more common for Senegalese to travel over land to Tunisia or Libya before attempting to cross the Mediterranean.

This is so, so sad.

Europe really, really needed these 140 black Africans.

Each one of them could have been a scientist or a computer whiz if they had been able to reach Europe, where the good soil makes people smart and successful.

They were going to get jobs in the high tech sector and pay the pensions of old Germans.

But seriously: do you remember when Angela Merkel literally said that 80 IQ immigrants, who are illiterate in their own languages, were going to get jobs in the high tech sector and pay the pensions of old Germans?

The old bitch did exactly ZERO to attempt to increase the German birthrate before just all of a sudden throwing out the Dublin Regulation and telling millions of people from the Middle East and Africa to get on boats and march into Germany.

That happened in 2015 and it was really the first big “lunatic event” of this wacky earth cycle.

It was obvious to me what was happening: there is a plan to create a one world government. In order to do that, you have to mix up the populations. You have to destroy national identity and so on. At least that is the plan – you could obviously create a version of a one world government without doing that. The Fabian Society wasn’t planning on having blacks breed to infinity and then spreading them out across the planet. They were promoting eugenics.

But for people who don’t know that this is the agenda, it must have seemed really and truly wacky.

Clearly, by encouraging the migrants to “make the journey,” Merkel was putting all of their lives at risk. She was also lying, and claiming that these people were all coming from Syria, when in reality they were visibly not Arabs. Some of them were black. In the end, as few as 1 in 10 were confirmed to be from Syria. These countries that they were coming from were not in wars. They were just ostensibly poor. But someone, presumably the Jews, was putting out ads on Facebook saying that if you got to Germany, the government would give you a house and a car, and make you a big boss at work. There were multiple news pieces where people went to these African countries – like Senegal – and interviewed people who were traveling to Europe and their families, and their families were saying that they didn’t want their kids to leave, but they saw on Facebook that they’d get a race car in Germany. Facebook ads also showed black men with white women.

Moreover, there was no attempt to deal with the war in Syria before calling all these people into Europe. It was a known thing, published in the mainstream media, that the CIA under Barack Obama was funding all of these terrorist groups. The media would spin it that they were funding “moderate terrorists,” but they would also admit that many of the weapons they were shipping them were going to ISIS. I remember once a military man of some sort admitted in front of the Congress that when they ship weapons across the border from Turkey, ISIS stops them and takes half of the weapons. They didn’t take all the weapons, because obviously, ISIS viewed “moderate terrorists” as allies in their war against President Assad. This is to say: the Syrian “Civil War” was not a civil war, but a war of terrorists funded by the West fighting against Assad.

So, this would have all been relatively easy to deal with, if it had anything at all to do with the Syrian “Civil War.”

You’ll remember that I covered this event in much detail. That was the year that the site really got big. It was just so crazy to me to watch it, and to see that people were going along with:

  • Illiterate people with 80 IQs going to work in the high-tech industry to pay pensions
  • These people were all from Syria, even though many of them were visibly African
  • The countries they were coming from weren’t in a war, thus they weren’t actually refugees
  • Merkel was a humanitarian, despite the fact she was driving all of these people to drown
  • The boats (actually rafts) were “trying to make it to Europe,” even though they were getting picked up a mile off the coast of Libya by NGOs
  • Merkel unilaterally abolished a major European Union law (Dublin Regulation) and nothing happened
  • These videos of armies of people marching into the country, virtually all of them military aged men
  • These videos of European demonstrations supporting the invasion, which were made up of almost 100% white women
  • The concept that there was no solution to the Syrian “Civil War”
  • No talk of increasing the German birth rate
  • No talk of the fact that automation is slated to remove over 50% of jobs that currently exist

As all of this was happening, the right-wing itself was not actually pointing out how insane this was. They were not calling out these core issues that I’ve listed above in bullet point format. They were allowing an insane discussion to take place and participating in it themselves.

This was the point when I realized that the world had actually gone literally insane. Something had happened to people’s brains, on a mass scale and for whatever reason I was personally able to see through all of it, but very few others were. I do not know why it is that I was able to see through it. I don’t think I am a genius. I’m not even uniquely intelligent. I was just blessed, or perhaps cursed, with the capacity to see things clearly, while everyone else has been dazzled.

It feels like 2015 is when the Western mind snapped, collectively. The “migrant crisis” was a hoax, and since then, everything that happens is some kind of weird hoax. We’ve reached a point where basically everything is now totally deranged and often outright nonsensical.

Just look at this thing with President Trump’s taxes, just as a totally random example. They are saying that it is wrong that Donald Trump paid few taxes. But what was he supposed to do? There is no option on the form to pay extra taxes. You just hire a man to go through your files, he does the math and fills out the forms, and you pay what they charge you. I think that before 2015, before the migrant hoax, people would have said, “yeah, but there’s no option on the form for you to pay extra taxes?” – and that would have been the end of it.

But when Trump says that now – that he just paid what they charged – they just blaze past it. That’s a small thing, but think about it – it is totally insane. Everyone knows that there is no way to pay extra taxes. Saying “he should have paid extra taxes!” is no different than schizophrenic rambling – it is total nonsense, in that there is literally no sense in it. But there it is.

Frankly, there are a lot of contributing factors here, but I think a big one has been the introduction of cellphones into society.