Traditionalist Youth Hour: Trad Worker Party Speech

Radio Aryan
February 29, 2016

trad worker party flyer

Matthew Heimbach gives a speech at a recent Tradtionalist Worker Party meeting to around a hundred people, letting us know that even though he has not been on-air, he has still been busy working to advance the cause of our people.

Matt talks about how the battle of the 21st century is not going to be between Left and Right, but between Globalism and Nationalism. It will be about the true diversity among peoples, that can only be preserved through keeping the peoples separate.

The so-called migrants are not nationalists, they are coming to our countries to loot and pillage, stealing the food, money and jobs from our people. They thank us for our kindness by raping our women and children and robbing and killing our elderly. These desperate circumstances are finally awakening the European people from their seventy year slumber and America needs to follow. Not a single Left wing party made it to the Polish government in this year’s elections and despite the leadership of Greek Nationalism being jailed, they still have massive support among their people. The patriotic fires of nationalism are on the rise throughout Europe and are beginning to ignite in the States too at last.

The new nationalism is not going to be about conserving the chains which bind us, but about breaking them and forging a new future. The TWP intends on embodying the spirit of the proud European warrior into a party dedicated to preserving our traditions that are rooted in nature, those that come from the family, while at the same time embracing the revolution to overthrow the economic interests that have wedded us to materialism.

The colours and symbols of the TWP have been chosen carefully, to reflect the values and ideals of the party. Black to symbolise revolution and gold to symobolise the rising sun of the new dawn of a new age. The cog shows that each member is needed for the machine to function and the pitchfork shows that the machine is organic and has a connection with the soil. The uniforms are modelled on Oswald Mosley and Heimbach quotes Mosley as offering the same reward that the TWP does. The chance to sacrifice for your people.

Speech by Matthew Heimbach

Traditionalist Youth Hour: Trad Worker Party Speech

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