Traditionalist Youth Hour: The Conference, the Parliament and the Parade

Radio Aryan
December 29, 2015

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Matthew Heimbach returns to the Traditionalist Youth Hour with an in-depth description of his working trip to Europe networking with German and Greek Nationalist parties.

As well as seeing Germany for the first time he also got a chance to speak at the NPD leadership conference, where the Antifa were out in force throwing molotov cocktails and waving the hammer and sickle flag, clearly unaware of what the Soviets did to their great-grandparents. In the days before the conference the immigrants they love so much committed an atrocity upon a 9-year-old girl, yet still the blind fools were calling for more refugees.  As well as putting up with the Antifa, the NPD are also being attacked by the state, who keep trying to ban the party outright while at the same time bleeding them dry through court costs and legal fees.

The trip really brought home to Matt how important it is that we remember our fallen heroes who died defending their country. Not one memorial to Germany’s war dead was to be seen in Berlin, just plenty of holohoax monstrosities and Heimbach gives his thoughts on the injustice of this.

After Germany he visited Greece in his official role as the chairman of the Traditionalist Worker Party where as well as visiting the Greek parliament with the Golden Dawn MPs, he also got to meet Christos Popus and his wife, the editor of the official GD newspaper. The day of the visit there was a huge farmer’s protest over the raising of taxes and the closure of farms and several of the farmer’s union leaders were conferring with the Golden Dawn, as they are the only party left that will actually fight for the Greek people. Despite all this popular support and being the third largest party in Greece, the smaller parties have been given bigger offices. In both Germany and Greece, the leftist state will try every dirty trick in the book to try and slow the progress of nationalism. International support means a lot to these parties and as nationalists we should be supporting all genuine foreign nationalist parties.

The news is not all from Europe though, the Traditionalist Worker Party were also privileged to take part in the Christmas Parade at Madisonville Kentucky.

One thousand leaflets were handed out and two new members were recruited, as they marched with new TWP banners held aloft like Roman Standards.

The anti-refugee literature handed out went down a storm and people really appreciated the message of putting faith, family and folk first.

TWP are based around race and identity, but are also addressing economic and environmental problems. A local well has been filled with coal slurry by an international corporation which has poisoned the people who live there. None of their elected representatives has done anything about this, so TWP are going to do what they can to install water purification systems and take those responsible to task for their crimes against the working poor. These people cannot even get a clean glass of water in the morning and TWP will be highlighting subjects like this in their campaigns, as well as more traditional racial issues.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach

Traditionalist Youth Hour: The Conference, the Parliament and the Parade

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