Traditionalist Worker Party Leader Matthew Heimbach Charged with Domestic Violence, Spokesman Quits

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 14, 2018

The leader of the white nationalist group “Traditionalist Worker Party” Matthew Heimbach has been charged with multiple assault charges following a domestic incident involving his wife Brooke and his co-party chair and step-father-in-law Matthew Parrot.

Following the incident, Parrot resigned from the organization.


A local man at the center of white nationalist controversy is in jail in Orange County, IN. Matthew Heimbach is facing four charges, including assault.

According to court documents, the incident started on the Paoli property where Heimbach lives with his family and other members of the Traditionalist Worker Party.

Arrest records report Heimbach assaulted his wife’s stepfather Matt Parrott. The papers detail the two had gotten in an argument over an affair.

Parrott told police he ran to Walmart for safety and called 911.

Standing outside Heimbach’s home, the officer said she heard Heimbach raise his voice at his wife, then she heard scuffling.

When the officer went inside the home, she said she learned Heimbach had attacked his wife; pushing her and grabbing her face. Their two young children watched the scene unfold.

The officer arrested Heimbach at his home and took him to the Orange County Jail.

Heimbach faces four charges including strangulation, intimidation, battery and domestic battery committed in the presence of a child.

Here is a video report.

Here is the full police report (with redactions) in .pdf form.

Here are the relevant parts.

So the basic story is this:

Matthew Heimbach is married to Matthew Parrot’s step daughter, Brooke. Brooke’s mother is dead, and Matthew Parrott is now remarried to a different woman named Jessica. Matthew Parrot still plays the role of “step-father” to Brooke. They all live in trailers on a plot of land in Indiana, with other members of the TWP.

Heimbach was caught sometime in the last week having an affair with Jessica. They told Parrott and Brooke that the affair had been going on for 3 months, but they had broken it off.

Brooke Heimbach and Jessica Parrott concocted a plan to set-up Heimbach, to see if he would attempt to become intimate again if given the opportunity. Jessica lured Heimbach into Parrot’s trailer, and Brooke and Matthew Parrott watched from the window, standing on a wooden crate with Brooke filming.

Brooke got scared and ran away (presumably after the two being watched had become intimate), and Parrot remained watching through the window until the crate broke, at which point he ran around and confronted Heimbach, telling him to get off of his property.

Heimbach then attacked Parrot, hurting his hand and choking him out to unconsciousness. When he woke up, his wife, Jessica, was standing over him (he later reported to the police that she attacked him, it’s not clear if that was at this time but it may have been). He then ran to someone’s house (it is described as a house and not a trailer), and Heimbach chased after him into this house. Parrot threw a chair at Heimbach to try to get him to back off, and Heimbach again choked him out to unconsciousness.

When he awoke the second time, he found his wife and Heimbach talking about how they had to find Brooke Heimbach, because she had a recording of them together, which they were apparently concerned she would share.

Parrot took his infant child with him and ran to Walmart where he called the police. He told the police that he believed his daughter in law was in danger because she had a video recording of Heimbach with Jessica.

The police went to Heimbach’s trailer, Heimbach, Jessica and a third person met the police. Jessica said that she was an uninvolved neighbor, and asked to leave and the police told her to go home. Heimbach told the police that Brooke was inside with the children, and then she came to the door and said she was putting them to bed. The officer saw that she looked nervous and distraught, and the officer told her to put the children to bed and come back out and speak with her (the female officer).

After a few minutes, Heimbach went inside to help her with the kids and send her out. While both were inside, the officer overheard Heimbach yelling and Brooke and telling her to tell the officers that everything was fine. The officers then entered the trailer and told Heimbach to come out of the room, and he was handcuffed. Brooke was crying, holding one of the children, and told the officers that he had assaulted her.

Heimbach was taken to jail. He later made bail. He faces four charges related to the incident.

Heimbach has previous convictions for violence which may play a role in whatever sentence he receives. I believe he is technically on parole. So he could end up serving years in prison. It is an incredibly sad situation.

*The above was corrected to show that the police report tells that it was Jessica Parrott, not Matthew Parrott, who concocted the plan with Brooke Heimbach to set up Matthew Heimbach to see if he would attempt to initiate sex. I believe that my mistake may have actually been correcting an error on the part of the police, as it makes much more sense that Matthew Parrot would have been working with Brooke Heimbach, because if Jessica Parrott was in on the trick against Matthew Heimbach, why did Matthew Parrot later report that she attacked him and was working with Matthew Heimbach to potentially harm Brooke Parrot to retrieve the sex tape? 

Parrott’s Announcement and the Future of TWP

Given the nature of the above story, it is not surprising that Matthew Parrott has announced via Gab that he is quitting the group.

He has also stated that he has deleted all digital records of the group.

Also, according to the SPLC, he issued to them a statement telling them he was finished and that they won.

SPLC Hatewatch:

After the arrest, Parrott announced he was walking away from the group.

“I’m done. I’m out,” Parrott told The Southern Poverty Law Center on Tuesday. “SPLC has won. Matt Parrott is out of the game. Y’all have a nice life.”

It’s certainly an unfortunate statement, though it would not be easy for anyone to understand where he is at right now, personally.

Personal Comment

I have no desire to comment on this situation from a political perspective, as it is not a political incident. It is quite clearly a human tragedy.

As those who are more involved in “the movement” are aware, I’ve been extremely critical of Matthew Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party in general, but I have been critical of their politics, and the way they have behaved in the public sphere, not their personal lives. And though if this story is true, it certainly may reflect on character and motivation, my disagreements are what they were before this incident and my disagreements would be the same if this incident had never happened.

We should learn whatever lessons we can from this situation, but we should keep the event itself in its proper context as a human tragedy.

Obviously, the media is going to politicize this personal tragedy as a weapon against pro-white activists, and there is nothing we can do about that, but we do not benefit from sinking to that level.