Traditionalist Worker Party Co-Chair May be Charged with Destroying Subpoenaed Evidence After Party Collapse

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2018

Yesterday, a bizarre disaster happened when Matthew Heimbach, leader of the Traditionalist Worker Party, a National Socialist group, was charged with assault after allegedly beating up co-chair Matthew Parrott and then beating his wife in front of his children. The dispute was related to an alleged affair Heimbach was having with Parrott’s wife, who is also his mother-in-law.

The group was officially disbanded by Parrott hours after the incident, but today, it appears his problems may have gotten much worse.

Parrott posted this message on Gab, following the incident:

Unfortunately, due to unrelated circumstances, that was probably a felony which could carry up to twenty years in prison.


Charlottesville protesters suing over last summer’s violence filed court papers Wednesday asking a judge to sanction prominent white nationalist Matthew Parrott — one of the defendants in the case — after Parrott posted on social media that he had destroyed information.

Parrott, a spokesperson and director for the white nationalist group the Traditionalist Worker Party, announced Tuesday night via the social media site Gab that he was resigning from the organization, amid a dramatic and allegedly violent falling out with the party’s cofounder Matthew Heimbach.

Parrott then posted that he was destroying information, apparently from the Traditionalist Worker Party’s systems, which drew the attention of lawyers who have sued to hold him and other white nationalists and white supremacists liable for the violence in Charlottesville in August. Citing Parrott’s posts, the lawyers for the plaintiffs are now asking the judge to sanction Parrott and the Traditionalist Worker Party, and to authorize an investigation to determine what possible evidence was destroyed.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs wrote to the court that the intentional destruction of information related to the case “is a blatant violation of Parrott’s and TWP’s obligations as parties before this court.” They noted that the website for the Traditionalist Worker Party was down as of the evening of March 13.

On March 2, according to Wednesday’s filing, the plaintiffs alerted the court that the defendants had failed to respond to their requests for documents and other information. Lawyers for the plaintiffs told the court that they were told by defense counsel that the defendants didn’t plan to respond until April 6, after the deadline.

According to exhibits filed in court Wednesday, the plaintiffs’ lawyers emailed Parrott’s lawyer, James Kolenich, to ask about Parrott’s posts about deleting information. He replied that he had read Parrott’s posts, but wrote, “I don’t know anymore about this situation than you.” He later wrote, “I understand that you have to file what you think best for your case.”

The plaintiffs are asking the court to sanction Parrott and the Traditionalist Worker Party by giving the plaintiffs permission to do a forensic exam of the group’s information systems to figure out what was destroyed and what could be recovered. They’re also asking that Parrott and the Traditional Worker Party cover the costs associated with their motion for sanctions, including the cost of any forensic examinations.

Parrott’s attorney declined to comment.

As is known, I have been a critic of TWP. Although I have a policy on this site of not attacking other white nationalist groups, I did as an individual speak out off this site about what I saw as very destructive behavior that the group was engaging in. I had been very hard on Parrott over his practice of keeping lists of real names. This practice in particular, along with their practice of encouraging young men to dox themselves as members of his group, I found particularly immoral.

Any real names list that exists will at some point end up in the hands of Jews, which is what is happening in this case. They are mass-subpoenaing records which they will then become public record.

I respect Parrott for trying to clear out the lists, in the wake of the group’s collapse. But it’s going to be a big problem.

The poor guy. I never liked him, and I won’t pretend to like him now, but it is impossible not to feel bad for him. His best friend, who is married to his daughter, had an affair with his wife. Then he watched them through a window becoming intimate, and was then beat-up by his best friend. He was then beat-up again, while holding his infant child. His entire life’s work was destroyed. Now he’s probably going to prison.

The lists themselves, as I have said repeatedly, are always a horrible, horrible idea. There is no justification for this practice, whatsoever. If someone is a fed or an agent of some kind trying to get into your group, you are not going to learn that by knowing their real name. There is no reason that any group should ever require you to give them your real name, at all. You shouldn’t ever be asked it. You should be able to introduce yourself as whatever it is you want to introduce yourself as, and that should be the end of it.

A Lesson to Learn

There are a lot of lessons to learn from this situation.

I may write more in the future, but I want to right now just give the most important lesson of all: this movement has gotten way, way ahead of itself.


We are in no way ready to move forward with some kind of mass political movement. Matt Parrott, the leader of what was the largest neo-Nazi street-fighting protest group, kept records of people’s real names which were bound to end up in the hands of Jews – they were headed into the hands of Jews already – then after the domestic situation, destroyed the records and publicly announced it in such a way that he presumably committed a very serious felony.

As bad as I feel for him, and in some way also for Heimbach, these are not the kind of people who are fit to be taking on the responsibility they were attempting to take on.

We are in no way ready to “take to the streets.” We have absolutely zero infrastructure. We do not have a huge pool of reliable, competent people. We do not have any stable organizations, we do not have developed communities, we do not have allies in the government or military, we do not have allies in academia, entertainment or media, we do not have a legal team. We do not really have much of anything at all.

And that is because the Alt-Right has only existed for about three years. The idea that we are able to popup and then all of the sudden have a spontaneous revolution is childlike to the point that it is basically negro-tier thinking. That is sadly simply not the way reality works.

Whenever I have criticized this thing that TWP was doing, I have been met with “SO YOU THINK WE’RE JUST GOING TO VOTE OUR WAY OUT OF THIS???? WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!!”

And yes, of course we have to do something. We are doing something. We are beginning to lay the groundwork necessary to build a real political movement. The very, very, very first step is to talk about what we are doing, what our goals are and to gather support for that among the population. We have been extremely successful in this, and we are getting to the point where we have begun networking and building communities.

I am working on encouraging young guys to not throw their lives away, and instead go to college or join the military. Get involved with local Republican politics. Begin to build the infrastructure we need for this movement.

The very first thing we need is healthy, strong men. The Matts were not that. They were both obese with very weird behavior and inappropriate patterns and promoted an extremely bizarre belief system. And now of course we’ve heard about their domestic situation and wow.

You cannot “find a leader.” A leader finds you. Leaders will come out of our movement. Real leaders. More than half of the readership of this site is under 25 and half of them are under 18.

With our internet media and our budding real life communities, we are not just doing “something,” we are doing exactly what we should be doing, and we are doing it very well.

The thing about this is, it is very hard work. We are attempting nothing less than a revolution inside of the heart of the most powerful empire that has ever existed. This is not a situation where you just “go out and DO SOMETHING IN THE STREETS!”

This is hard work. It’s time to do the work, and stop acting like negroes demanding that everything be given to them immediately without requiring any work.