Traditional German Stabfest in Frankfurt, Several Stabbed

Just imagine if this was photoshopped to show them all holding knives instead of beers. (It’s not that different – it’s women that wanted Moslems to party with that created this situation. Also, they did the lockdown.)

Just your standard “Der Stabfest.”

No biggie.


An assailant armed with a knife has been detained by police after wounding several people in Frankfurt, Germany. Law enforcement officials are piecing together the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The attack occurred at the city’s main railway station on Tuesday morning. The suspect was arrested after injuring “several” people, Frankfurt Police said in a statement on Twitter. There is no longer any danger to the public, but the attacker’s motives are still unclear, the force said, adding that it would provide more details when they become available.

Police cordoned off a large area around the scene of the attack, with police media reporting that a large number of emergency vehicles were spotted in the area. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung claimed that the suspect had acted under the influence of drugs, but officials have not confirmed the report.

In October, a knife attack in the German city of Dresden killed one tourist and left another person seriously injured. The suspect was identified as a 20-year-old Syrian man and prosecutors said they were treating the incident as a terrorist attack.

The hilarious thing is that whereas you used to always know it was a brown person when something like this happened, now you really don’t know – because the lockdown is driving people insane.

We had a white bombing in Nashville on Christmas.

We just had a big old white riot in the Netherlands.

I guess however the rule will remain true: if it’s a white person, they’ll tell you who did it.

That said, some of these European countries, including I believe Germany, actually do try to keep the identity of criminals private.

It’s really wacky to live in a world where you just don’t really have any idea what is even going on, and anytime you ask someone, they lie to you.