Toyota’s Corolla Manga Series Sadly Demonstrates the Devolution of Human Society

Toyota is celebrating the milestone of the sale of 50 million Toyota Corollas with the release of a manga series.

We have a Portrait of Dorian Gray type situation here.

These images, which show the evolution of the car, demonstrate the devolution of human civilization.

The first Corolla was released in 1969.

And although we all understand that the newer vehicles are mechanically superior, as a result of the development of technology, the car – like every other car – has gotten consistently uglier over the last five decades.

The transformation is actually so extreme as to be almost incomprehensible. Looking at the difference between the 1969 model and the current generation model, you feel like you’re looking at the difference between a 16-year-old girl and a 66-year-old woman, in terms of physical attractiveness.

Let’s just go through all of the various models.

1969-1970 Toyota Corolla, 1st Generation

1971-1974 Toyota Corolla, 2nd Generation

1975-1979 Toyota Corolla, 3rd Generation

1980-1983 Toyota Corolla, 4th Generation

1984-1987 Toyota Corolla, 5th Generation

1988-1992 Toyota Corolla, 6th Generation

1993-1997 Toyota Corolla, 7th Generation

1998-2002 Toyota Corolla, 8th Generation

2003-2006 Toyota Corolla, 9th Generation

2007-2008 Toyota Corolla, 9th Generation

2009-2010 Toyota Corolla, 10th Generation

2011-2013 Toyota Corolla, 10th Generation

2014-2016 Toyota Corolla, 11th Generation

2017-2018 Toyota Corolla

2019 Toyota Corolla

2022 Toyota Corolla

You might be able to make stylistic comments, and maybe say that the 2009 looks a little bit better than the 2007. But it is a matter of fact that over the arch of this 50-year period, the car has gotten uglier and uglier.

This is true of all cars, of course. Even super-cars.

For example, I think some of the new Lamborghinis are impressive looking in a way – but can any single one of them compare to the 1960 Miura?

No. No new model of Lamborghini can compare to that car aesthetically, and if you claim otherwise, you are either lying or you do not have a soul.

And it is not just all cars – it is everything.

Everything in our environment is devolving and getting uglier. For most men, the fact that women are so much less attractive now than they were a few decades ago is the most obvious. I have made a consistent point of drawing attention to what they’ve done with architecture.

I’ve famously called for the people designing and building modern buildings – from the midrises which pollute our neighborhoods to the folks at M/I Homes – to be charged with crimes against humanity.

We have been physically and spiritually violated by these people.

I will grant that part of it is consumerism, a population explosion, and various other factors. But there is also a deep ugliness developing in the human soul that is manifesting itself in our environment.

The Supreme Court banned prayer in school in 1962. The Roe v Wade Ruling was in 1973. It is a cliche to point to these events as milestones of moral decline, but can you think of anything that is not less beautiful now than it was in 1962?

(Note: And before someone says “you started with Japanese cars” – they were more or less exclusively designed for export, and often designed in America. Furthermore, I would say that the decay of Christendom, which was the beating heart of the earth, has degraded the entire earth. America became the center of the empire that dominated Christendom. And all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury.)

Cars, women, buildings, furniture, art, clothing – every physical element of our environment has degraded, progressively, since we as a people moved away from God and embraced the post-spiritual, post-rational universe of divine understanding, in favor of materialism.

This is because the material world is a projection of the spiritual realm, and as the spirit degrades, so does the material world. It is perhaps an irony that by embracing the material you degrade the material, but it is nonetheless a self-evident reality, which we are able to see everywhere, all around us.

It is imperative that we all understand that we are fighting a spiritual battle, and that everything that happens in this physical world is a manifestation of that which happens in the spiritual realm.

 Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.