Towards a Natural Socialism

being an attack on Egalatarianism, and an application of the NATURAL ORDER in Political Science.

Joe Badoglio
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2014

Cambodia 1975. Egalatarian Communist system forces all higher classes of the Social Hierarchy into the "lowest" rung of the Hierarchy. The result - DEATH.
Cambodia 1975. Egalatarian Communist system forces all higher classes of the Social Hierarchy into the “lowest” rung of the Hierarchy. The result – DEATH.

We see the NATURAL ORDER having been established by, in, and of the Universe.

We care not whether the Supreme Personality of Godhead is referred to by men with such names as God, Allah, or Krishna. We recognize Hierarchy throughout all of Creation, from the tiniest ant colony, to every society of people that has ever existed on the planet Earth.

The Hierarchy of Man is as follows – at the top are those closest to the Universal Supreme – those who directly translate the Creative Principle to men. Artists of all kinds, spiritual leaders – be they called shaman, priest, wise man, etc. Below this spiritual element are the instruments of physical force, the warrior-class, enforcers of the Universal Will. Below them are the technicians, scientists and engineers, devising the physical tools and systems of a society. Below them the farmers providing the physical sustenance, and the merchant class who facilitate the movement of goods and services throughout the society.

When certain members of the merchant class stop serving the Common Good (interests of society in the whole), their role degenerates into that of a mere broker, or the oft-detested “middle-man.” This degenerative of social function has been assigned throughout history to the “Jew,” who seems spiritually unsuited to the higher functions of creation and leadership. He is also unsuited to the lowest rung of the Natural Hierarchy, the manual laborer, which in modern times is called the working class, and in more primitive societies is referred to as a slave.

Contrast this concept of Hierarchy with the false, unreal concept of Egalatarianism – the idea that people are all the same, and thereby deserving of the same “rights”, relative to their respective social structure. Such a concept does not exist anywhere in the Natural Universe, therefore we reject it as being completely out of sync with the Universe, or Natural Order. We correctly observe that the operating Principle throughout the Universe and Nature is Order, as opposed to Chaos.

If Egalitarianism were really a truthful principle, then there would be no need for societies to participate in the obscene farce that is “Democracy,” with it’s concept that Leaders can be elected by the whole People. If everybody were equal, why then, do they not choose their leaders at random, by Lottery, since any one would not be any better (or worse) than any other?

Three notable societies which were brought to ruin by Democracy were classical Athens, modern France, and the USA.

Therefore, we reject any and all systems based on Egalitarianism as unnatural and thereby false, whether they are called “Democracy” (with it’s “right” and “left” wings), or Communism, which, with it’s monopolistic economic system and totalitarian tendencies, appears to be making it’s last stand in the USA.

The only system based on the Universal Creative Principle, or Hierarchy of Nature, is a Natural Socialism. It is the only System worthy of Aryan Man. Let us be worthy of it.