Tour de France Bows to the Revolution, Bans Pretty Girls

People think the thing feminists hate the most is men, but in reality the things they hate the most are pretty girls, then slightly prettier girls, then themselves, in that order.

Men don’t even make the podium.

Free West Media:

The director of the Tour de France, Christian Prudhomme, has indicated that pretty girls will no longer be handing over winning jerseys at the end of each stage.

The protocol was deemed “sexist” by women’s rights activists. For decades, pretty girls have been giving away different jerseys at the end of the Tour de France stages. In 2019, however, a petition was signed by 38 000 people to denounce this tradition, stating that women “are not objects, not rewards”.

Regional daily Ouest France reported that this tradition will no longer be implemented for the 2020 edition of the Grande Boucle which will start on August 29 from Nice. “You used to see the champion surrounded by two girls, with five elected on one side and five representatives of the partners on the other. Now it will be different with a single elected official and a single representative of the partner of the yellow jersey, as well as a hostess and a host for the first time,” declared the director of the Tour de France Christian Prudhomme who now wants a not only girls on the podiums.

This new directive for the Tour has already been implemented for other great classics. “We have already been doing it in other races for twenty years, such as Liège-Bastogne-Liège,” Christian Prudhomme recalled.

In 2018, another first class race organised by ASO, the Flèche Wallonne, had opted for a mixed podium.

“A bouquet of flowers, a champagne shower, a winner’s jersey… And a scantily clad woman who gives the three best cyclists a kiss on the cheek as if to crown their glory. Is it really essential that this be part of an awards ceremony?” various feminists asked last year. Neither the cyclists nor the girls have been asked for their opinion on this issue however.

The fact that beauty itself is considered a threat to the revolution should tell you all you need to know about what is going on in the West right now.

This isn’t the first sports event where this happened; it’s already happened in Formula 1.

They’re also doing it in video games, and movies, and comic books and basically everything you’ve ever liked in your life.

Soon, the only place you’ll see thin, attractive, non-screeching girls anymore is in anime.

Get used to it.