Totally Vaxxed-Out Gibraltar Demonstrates There is No End to This Endless Hoax

Recently, I wrote about the fact that Iceland is nigh totally vaxxed out, and yet continuing to get positive coronavirus tests and is thus talking about a 15-year plan to fight the alleged disease.

Obviously, this is the plan for the world – to eventually say that the vaxx didn’t work at all.

Of course, I said this before the vaxx was ever released – I said they would just come up with a new variant to explain why it doesn’t work, and why you have to stay locked down.

If that wasn’t the plan, how did I know? Am I a scientific genius, who predicted the development of a virus better than all of these government experts?

Did I just guess?

Which is more likely?

Look at Chris Sky, predicting the same thing I predicted, last summer.

How did he predict that? Is he a virus expert? Was he just guessing?

This is all ridiculous. Myself and others described every step of this process, and it all came true exactly as we said it.

Along with Iceland, the small island nation of Gibraltar is another place that is totally vaxxed to hell – classified by the WHO as “fully vaxxed” – and is now implementing more measures to fight the spread.

This is not just Anthony Fauci and the government that is lying about this, but the entire media. There is no possible way to argue that something other than this will happen in every country, so they’re just hoping you don’t notice.

They plan on telling you that the vaxx doesn’t work soon, but they apparently expected that more people would take the vaxx.

Now they’re caught between these two different narratives – saying that everyone must take the vaccine, but at the same time, beginning to admit that it doesn’t actually work.

It’s surreal, to watch it in real time – the next step of the narrative is overlapping with the current step of the narrative, due to lag.

This is called a “narrative glitch.”

It is glitching out, bad.

If this media narrative was a video game, it would be Cyberpunk 2077 on release day.

Anyway, they don’t care it’s glitching out, because people have already bought into this, and it would be humiliating to have submitted yourself to this system, to have worn the mask, lost your business, destroyed your family, taken the deadly vaxx – and then have to say “oh, darn – looks like the whole thing was a total hoax!”