TOTAL WAR: Russia Opens Fire on Violating Ukrainian Ships! Seizes Them!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 26, 2018

We’re all waiting for some kind of apocalypse or general bloodbath, mainly because we are bored.

Meanwhile, Jews are attempting to incite a controlled demolition of Russia, without causing a general apocalypse.

It’s a tight line to walk. No one has ever been here before. We are in a new world which is changing rapidly, and no one can really claim to understand the larger scope of things.


Russia has confirmed its vessels have used weapons to stop Ukrainian ships that had entered Russian waters in the Black Sea illegally. Three Ukrainian sailors were wounded and have been given medical assistance.

Russian ships opened fire at a group of three Ukrainian vessels that entered its territorial waters near Crimea, the Russian Security Service (FSB) has confirmed. The ships were then seized and towed to the Crimean port of Kerch.

Three Ukrainian sailors, injured in the altercation, were given medical assistance by Russian servicemen. Their lives are out of danger.

Ukrainian Navy ships the ‘Berdiansk’, the ‘Nikopol’ and the ‘Yany Kapu’ with their crews have been detained for violating Russian territorial waters, the FSB said in a statement Sunday. They were ignoring “legal demands to stop” and “performing dangerous maneuvers,” and the Russian warships had to open fire to force them to stop.

These look like dangerous maneuvers, lol.

Some Miami Vice shit going on out there.

Russia has launched a criminal investigation into the border breach.

The FSB is pointing out that Ukrainian authorities are aware of the procedure that regulates the passage of the military ships through Russian territorial waters.

Both sides have been accusing each other of violating the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. Kiev argues that it had notified the Russian side in advance of its plan to sail from the Ukrainian Black Sea resort of Odessa to Mariupol, a port on the north coast of the Sea of Azov, a claim that the Russian coastguard denies.

The route goes through the Kerch strait, which separates Crimea from mainland Russia.

Here’s a map, just in case you’re wondering:

Kerch is where Russia just built the new bridge.

So I mean… rolling up like that on Russia’s bridge.

This is an open provocation.

Even taking into account that I’m a Putinist shill, when you look at the current levels of tension and then these three military ships roll up on you and start going full Don Johnson…

You can’t really blame Russia.

Of course, the entire world will blame Russia, and it was clearly the point to create a crisis.

This is the exact same thing that the Poles did to provoke a German invasion and trigger British support.

And of course, NATO issued a statement saying “how absolutely dare you sir?”

This is some bitch from… I guess Romania?

Who is threatening Russia on behalf of the US military. Because that’s the way NATO works, donchaknow. We pay for the whole thing, including but not limited to this stupid bitch’s dyke haircut.

And then they’re allowed to use our military to threaten whoever they want. Because NATO means that if one country is attacked, every country has to support that attacked country.

It was designed for the Cold War, when the US was administrating an empire of sorts to fight communism. Then when communism fell, they not only kept this treaty going, but added a bunch of countries that were formerly communist.

Here’s the alignment before the end of the Cold War:

And here’s the alignment now:

No one believes Russia is a threat to America, no one believes Russia is a threat to Western Europe, no one really even believes that Russia is a threat to former Soviet states.

So the apparent purpose is to continue to encroach on and eventually destroy Russia.

And America is supposed to pay all the money for this, and then send all our own people to die in a war of aggression against Russia.

Kiev has announced that it’s imposing martial law, lol.

America is literally being invaded, and can’t declare martial law on our own border… these people can declare martial law because their ships were captured in Russian waters?


Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said that he will propose declaring martial law in the wake of the altercation in the Black Sea that saw Russian military seize Ukrainian vessels for breaching Russian territorial waters.

The Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) has supported declaring martial law for 60 days. The motion will now go before the Ukrainian parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, for final approval.

The Ukrainian leader says Kiev does not plan to carry out any offensive operations if martial law is imposed.

Speaking at a press conference after the meeting, Poroshenko said that Kiev has asked NATO and the EU to “coordinate our actions to ensure the protection of Ukraine.”

Why should either of those groups be protecting the Ukraine?

This is a revolutionary terrorist group running their government, which overthrew a democratically elected government using force, and with all of this talk of the importance of Democracy and anti-violence and so on, the West backed the revolt and then offered protection to the newly formed revolutionary government.

They are trying to get them in NATO, which would ensure some kind of war in Europe, which the US would be contractually obligated to fight.

We need to use this as a wakeup call to get the hell out of NATO. Just shut it down. Europe already says they’re building an army, so let them go fight Russia.

This is not are values.