Total New Unemployment Reaches 38.6 Million, President Tweety Wants to End Benefits

Shocking development…!

Washington Post:

President Trump and top Republican lawmakers are mounting fresh opposition to extending enhanced unemployment benefits to the millions of Americans who are still out of work, even as the administration released new jobless figures Thursday showing 2.4 million Americans sought benefits last week.

The reluctance by the White House and top GOP leaders drew sharp rebukes from congressional Democrats, who argue the coronavirus outbreak threatens to further ravage the U.S. workforce unless the government authorizes additional aid. Their clash could intensify in the next six weeks, as policymakers stare down a July deadline while the country’s labor market is expected to only worsen.

More than 38.6 million Americans have sought unemployment benefits over nine weeks, the Labor Department reported in its most recent update, illustrating the rolling devastation wrought by the pandemic.

At issue is the enhanced unemployment aid Congress approved in late March, which includes an extra $600 in weekly payments to out-of-work Americans. On Tuesday, President Trump articulated his reluctance to extend those benefits during a closed-door lunch with Senate Republicans, many of whom share his concern that the expanded federal payments deter people from returning to work. The enhanced benefits expire in July.

If President Tweety didn’t want the government to be paying for everyone’s rent and food, he should have prevented this insane lockdown. He should have sent the military in to arrest the governors who took away people’s Constitutional rights.

Instead, he sat back and did absolutely nothing as the US economy was systematically collapsed by a coalition of the media, the Democrat Party and many Republicans.

We are now in a situation where the alternative to giving people huge unemployment and welfare payouts is to let people starve.

The jobs that have been lost are simply never coming back. None of them are. Obviously they weren’t essential, or the people doing them wouldn’t have been fired in the first place. These are all service jobs, doing services that in complete poverty, people are going to have to do without.

This isn’t going to lessen, either. It’s just getting started. We’re looking at a minimum of 50% unemployment. There is now no option whatsoever than for the government to just print money and give it to people while hoping for the best.

We’re obviously now under martial law/mommy law indefinitely, so the government could just start rounding people up and putting them in camps. Or do whatever else they want to do along those lines. Basically, they can now just do whatever they want.

Obviously, this system isn’t sustainable. You can’t just collapse the economy and implement complete tyranny and then expect things to just keep functioning normally. Everything is going to turn third world real fast. But clearly, our malicious overlords have some other plan. Tweety himself doesn’t appear to know what the plan is. I’m starting to become increasingly skeptical that he’ll be allowed to remain in office. Obviously, Joe Biden is a joke, I don’t think the Democrats would put him in if they could. But Andrew “Nipples” Cuomo is still waiting in the wings.

Although at the same time, Tweety is aware that if he loses the election, they’re going to put him and his family in prison. So if things get rough, he might just go ahead and start a massive war, which will keep him in office for at least four more years, and in his mind, allow him to hand-off power to someone who won’t put him in prison.

However, the other important element is this: right now, there are still Republicans who are going along with this lunatic flu hoax. If there was a Democrat in office, zero percent of Republicans would accept open martial law, and you might see some kind of revolt. As such, the elite may view it as valuable to keep Tweety in office as they finish up this transition into this bizarre new form of tyranny they’ve created in the name of keeping people safe from the flu.

I’m not going to make any predictions here, I’m just describing the elements involved.

At this point I also don’t know if it would be better for the people to have Tweety or a Democrat. As I say, if it was a Democrat, the people would be much more aggressive in opposing this martial law. Right now, they’re basically confused, because they love Tweety but his position is confusing.

Ideally, Tweety himself would be more aggressively opposing all of this. But for whatever reason, he bailed and is now agreeing that the virus is super-duper dangerous, and effectively signing off on this martial law/mommy law system.

Ultimately, the people are unlikely to have any say in the election at all. Tweety getting elected in the first place was a fluke; the system underestimated how much fraud was necessary. In this next election, we’re literally going to vote by mail, so there is just no chance it is going to be even remotely legitimate. The elite are simply going to decide whether they want Tweety or someone else.