Toshiba Develops Affordable Technology to Accurately Detect 13 Types of Cancer from a Drop of Blood

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 26, 2019

Blood can tell you lots of things if you have the means to listen.

Japan Today:

Toshiba Corp said Monday it has developed a technology to detect 13 types of cancer from a single drop of blood with 99 percent accuracy.

Toshiba, which developed the diagnosis method with the National Cancer Center Research Institute and Tokyo Medical University, hopes to commercialize it in “several years” after beginning a trial next year.

The method could be used to promote treatment of cancers from their early stage, it said.

Compared to other companies’ methods, we have an edge in the degree of accuracy in cancer detection, the time required for detection and the cost,” Koji Hashimoto, chief research scientist at Toshiba’s Frontier Research Laboratory, told a press briefing.

The test will be used to detect gastric, esophageal, lung, liver, biliary tract, pancreatic, bowel, ovarian, prostate, bladder and breast cancers as well as sarcoma and glioma.

Toshiba has developed a chip and a small device that can conduct the diagnosis in less than two hours at a cost of 20,000 yen ($180) or below.

Hopefully it’s not another Theranos.

Except it won’t be, because it’s not a woman and it’s the nips.

I feel insurmountable joy every time I’m reminded that someone, somewhere, is doing interesting stuff with science and technology.

But then I remember what people in the West do with science and technology, and the joy starts to fade.

Female to male, enabled by Western science and technology.

Then, I remember that the evil spawns that are behind the corruption of the West are also trying to mess with Japan, trying to get them to welcome diversity and to “open” Japan.

Now the joy has turned into another kind of feeling, a kind driving force, a kind of fuel.

We have to restore our souls and defeat the corrupting forces of the Jews before they engulf the entire planet.

I want to see all the future inventions of the Japanese people.

I want to see all the future inventions of the European people.

I want to see America shaking off the dead weight that’s been keeping down its might.

How high can we go if we lose the creatures that are pulling us down?