Tortoise with the Ultimate Sex Drive Bangs All the Shelled Skanks on Galápagos

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2020

It won’t be too long before we would hope to hear about a white man with a species-saving sex drive returning to America.

Someone is going to need a species-saving sex drive to bang all of the land whales beached in this country.


A giant tortoise whose legendary libido has been credited with saving his species from extinction is to return to the wild on the Galápagos Islands.

Diego was among 14 male tortoises selected to take part in a breeding programme on Santa Cruz Island.

The programme has been a success, producing more than 2,000 giant tortoises since it began in the 1960s.

Diego’s sex drive was said to be one of the main reasons.

The 100-year-old tortoise has fathered hundreds of progeny, around 800 by some estimates.

The programme has now finished, and Diego will be returned to his native island of Española in March, the Galápagos National Parks service (PNG) said.


The idea of one white man who still has the testosterone and the will to bang all of these grimy sluts in the white world being flown around Europe and America to do the deed and keep the species alive is not really all that far off.

We expect our hero will look something like this.

Most men are not having sex anymore.

And more of them are comfortable with this situation.

We’ve read about what pornography is doing to the sex drive – young boys are having their brains rewired to the point where their entire sexual desire drive machine is geared towards porno, and they lack a desire for real women.

We also know well that the testosterone is dropping at a rapid rate.

We are on the verge of ending up in a situation very similar to that of the giant tortoise.

Of course, if we don’t stop these kikes, they would cockblock a hero trying to go around and impregnate all of these grimy skanks.

So the first order of business is to stop these kikes.

Then we can start praying for a white man with a species-saving sex drive.

nb4 “then people will all have to have sex with their half-sisters” – well, I don’t know what to tell you. That is the only solution. There is not a 100% deformity rate with incest and we don’t have any choice anyway.