“Torpedo Tony” Abbot Tells Europe to Start Using Gunboats to Fend Off Invasion

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 22, 2015

Tony "Torpedo Tony" Abbott
Tony “Torpedo Tony” Abbott

Tony Abbott is a Jew-lover, to be certain, but that being known, he still tends to speak more sense than any other Western leader (except Putin, if you consider him “Western,” and I guess Viktor Orban is probably on about the same level as Abbott).

Daily Mail:

Europe has been urged to copy Australia’s military-led ‘stop the boats’ policy to avoid migrant tragedies in the Mediterranean.

Australian PM Tony Abbott – who sends naval gunboats to turn back asylum seekers before they reach Australia – said the EU should ‘urgently’ follow his lead.

His hardline policy has proved controversial but Mr Abbott said it was the only way to prevent disasters such as the loss of 900 lives when a fishing boat capsized on Saturday night.

He said: ‘The only way you can stop the deaths is to stop the boats.

‘That’s why it is so urgent that the countries of Europe adopt very strong policies that will end the people-smuggling trade across the Mediterranean.’

Conservative Mr Abbott won power in 2013 on a ‘stop the boats’ pledge, and not a single one has breached his ring of steel in 18 months. Operation Sovereign Borders involves the Australian Navy intercepting boats filled with migrants at sea, and either turning them back or towing them back to where they came from.

Mr Abbott has previously said he was sick of being lectured to by the United Nations over Australia’s obligations to refugees, saying his policy was the ‘most decent, most compassionate’ solution.

In the Mediterranean, callous people smugglers have been exploiting a willingness by European nations to rescue migrants rather than send them back.

Last year, Italy scaled back its rescue operations because it feared they were only encouraging migrants to gamble with their lives.

But the horrific loss of life over the past week in a spate of migrant shipwrecks has prompted calls to urgently reinstate the rescue missions. EU leaders including David Cameron are meeting tomorrow in what charities are calling a ‘life or death’ summit to solve the problem.

Save the Children warned that 2,500 youngsters could die in the Mediterranean this year.

Chief executive Justin Forsyth said: ‘EU leaders hold the lives of thousands of desperate people in their hands when they meet.

‘With every day that they prevaricate and delay restarting search and rescue operations, the risk grows that more people will die.’

Of course, I personally believe we should just be sinking the boats with drone strikes from the air, as that would be cheaper than gunboats. And would very quickly stop them trying to come at all. And it would save monkey lives in the long run, if you care about that, because they would very quickly stop going after a few boats were sank via drone strike.

The EU idea that there is no humane way to stop the invasion, however, is proven false by Australia’s policy, and that is quite a thing.

The recent ship sinking, defined as a “tragedy” by the kike media, looks to me more like a maritime victory against an invading army.  Except the part where a bunch of traitors are literally helping the enemy.

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