Tori Spelling Hits the Jackpot on Latest Plastic Surgery Makeover

For every Meg Ryan or Demi Moore…

…there is a Tori Spelling (left).

Actually, no, that’s not true. There are at least 50 famous women over 45 with horrible plastic surgery for every one with good plastic surgery.

Spelling is an interesting case, because even when she was in her twenties she looked like shit.

Really man, the proportions there are just not visually pleasing.

She was only an actress at all because she was the daughter of Jew producer Aaron Spelling.

But hey – credit where it’s due.

The bitch is 48 and she’s looking a lot better than Demi Moore – and a lot better than she was looking before her latest plastic surgery transformation.

This whole plastic surgery thing is really wacky.

What it proves is that women’s only value is their sex appeal.

If they had any other value at all, not one of them would risk ending up being a Meg Ryan for a 1/50 chance to be a Tori Spelling.

Remember when Carrie Fisher said “it’s called getting old” when people made fun of her plastic surgery?

It’s actually not called “getting old” – it’s called having disastrous plastic surgery that makes you look like a mutant freak.

No one ever made fun of a woman because she was old.

The bitch could not move her lips.