Topless Christmas Attack on German Church was to Protest Catholicism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

January 1, 2014

I am God Femen SlutFemen Church slutfemen germany attackFemen Church slut3chruch attacked femen germanyI am God Femen SlutFemen Church slut34As we reported a couple days ago, a Femen “protester” attacked a chruch in Colone, Germay, climbing on the alter in aught but panties and some head scarf thing with the words “I am God” written across her upper body.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing with the Femen attacks is not being able to understand what they want.  Which seems to be a key part of the strategy at work here.

Following this pattern, Josephine Witt has said that her violation of the church was to protest Catholicism, which makes no clear sense.

From The Local:

The woman sprang from the first row, throwing off her leather jacket, during the Christmas service by Cardinal Joachim Meisner and climbed onto the altar.With the cardinal and worshippers looking on, she was led away by security guards. The woman, named as Josephine Witt, was then held until the end of the service and reported to police for trespassing and disturbing worship.

She had previously been involved in a topless protest against Russian president Vladimir Putin in Hannover and said she wanted to demonstrate against the Catholic church and its power structures. Witt claimed she was hit by the security guards and a member of the congregation.

She said: “Cologne is a stronghold for Catholics in Germany and Meisner represents a very conservative strand.”

What is the end goal in protesting religion by violating the sanctimony of a church, committing an act of violence against worshipers?

I think that whoever is organizing these attacks could probably be charged with both exploiting the mentally ill and violating the fragility of the female psyche.

Josephine had been arrested before for being a completely degenerate whore, and other total sluts had come to defend her.  Unfortunately, the cops were not equipped with "back of my hand."
Josephine had been arrested before for being a completely degenerate whore, and other total sluts had come to defend her. Unfortunately, German cops are not equipped with “back of my hand.”

I can basically understand these happenings in formerly very conservative Slavic countries, where they never experienced the joys of the sexual revolution, but seeing this in Germany, it just seems sort of retarded.  We in the freedom-saturated democratic capitalist west have seen a lot of breasts already.

The whole thing just comes across as so tired and boring.

I got in an argument in the former Yugoslavia with a kid, probably 18 or 19, about the queers, and when I said I was against it and thought they should either be executed or locked up in an asylum, he told me that my view was “the majority in the world,” apparently viewing his own pro-homosexual stance as edgy and interesting.  It struck me there that in the West, there is literally nothing at all hip about liberalism.  liberals are the man, and they are forcing all of this down our throats.

Arguing with this kid, I could just as easily have been arguing with Barack Obama, a cop or any high school teacher.  But I guess it makes sense that for him, in a country that still has social cohesiveness and morality, that it is really cool and rebellious to endorse sexual degeneracy.

Nope: All the hot chicks in the world can't make communism cool again.
Nope: All the hot chicks in the world can’t make Marxism cool again.  We want our society back, and we are going to take it.

For Western Europe and America though, nothing is shocking.  Liberalism, as a doctrine, is rooted in viewing itself as an outsider attack on the establishment.  Now that it is the establishment, the only thing they can do is resort to increasingly appalling displays of violence.  They have reached the end of the line.

We now have all the momentum.  The rebellion of the youth on our side.  And when we achieve power, there will be reason aplenty to support it indefinitely.

Hail Victory.