Top Virus Hoaxster Says Entire Country Will Shut Down in January

Just in case you don’t recall: this guy is one of the main guys who engineered the 2020 “two weeks to flatten the curve” debacle.

If Lord Fauci is #1, he’s in the top five influential virus hoaxsters.

So he isn’t an irrelevant voice on the topic.

The 74:

Amid a surge of new COVID cases across the country and evolving CDC guidance surrounding both shortened isolation periods for Americans who test positive and eliminating the need to test negative before returning to work, Dr. Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, appeared on MSNBC Thursday morning with a dire prediction of how the latest variant could escalate so quickly in the days to come that it could disrupt daily life through January:

Right now we have a very imperfect situation that is going to require some very imperfect responses,” Osterholm said on Dec. 30, the day after America recorded more than 465,000 new COVID cases. “Over the next three to four weeks, we are going to see the number of cases in this country rise so dramatically that we are going to have a hard time keeping everyday life operating.

Asked specifically if this unprecedented Omicron surge could threaten the reopening of schools during the first week of the new year, Osterholm said the situation may have less to do with student safety than a profound disruption to the supply of teachers: “It’s not even a function of ‘Should they delay [reopening schools] because of kids getting sick?’ I worry very much that even with vaccinated teachers, we still could have breakthrough infections; we’re going to have a hard time staffing our schools in the next three to four weeks.

All of society is going to be pressured by this – it’s health care, big box stores that are actually considering closing or have closed because they can’t find enough workers to actually be at work. From the school standpoint, we know schools are a place where this virus can spread, it will spread, kids will get it there, kids will bring it home, kids will take it to school, teachers will get sick … I think the next month is unparalleled in the kinds of decisions we [will] have to make and schools will be one of them.”

Yeah, that’s basically all the stuff I’ve been saying.

They set up the new variant, they posted the vax mandate for January, they allowed people to travel for the holidays (until today, apparently), and they’ve going to say that it’s spread out of control and therefore we need new measures.

This was all very obvious.

The question is just how far they’re going to go.

As I’ve said, the fact that there is supposed to be an election in 2022, where as of right now, it looks like Republicans would win with some 75% of the vote, means the Democrats are going to have to do something. It isn’t really possible to hoax all of those state elections – at least not using the 2020 election hoax scheme.

We’ve also go this, you know, this Great Rest thing that’s supposed to be happening.