Top Sex Hoax Lawyer Says Weinstein Sentence Hails “A New Era” of Men Getting Sent to Prison

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2020

Tina Tchen is ecstatic.

The lawyer, formerly Michelle Obama’s chief of staff, is now the CEO of “Times Up Now,” an organization formed in the wake of the #metoo movement for the purpose of sex hoaxing men at every strata of society.

Speaking to a local news station in Michigan following the Harvey Weinstein sentencing for a rape hoax, she declared “a new era” of men being mass incarcerated based on the claims of women presented without evidence.

I think the Weinstein conviction and today’s sentencing really marks a new era of justice in our country, where survivors are going to be believed, prosecutors are going to see these as cases that they should take to trial and juries are going to believe survivors when they testify and they’re going to convict people…and now judges are going to sentence them for long prison terms. Up until now the reality has been, of every 1,000 perpetrators of sexual assault 995 go free, either because nobody reports them or nobody prosecutes them or juries don’t convict. I think that is finally going to change.

Ominous, no?

What she is calling “a new era” is an entirely new concept of justice as it relates to women. And she appears to be implying that because of this verdict, 200 times more men will be sent to prison on “rape” charges than were before this.

With the Weinstein verdict, the claims of women about things they say happened years ago are now on par with DNA evidence in terms of their ability to secure a criminal conviction. The concept of sentencing people to prison without any physical evidence at all, based entirely on eyewitness testimony, is unheard of in American history, and in fact in the entire history of Western jurisprudence going all the way back to Rome.

Now that this is established as a precedent, women are foaming with glee as they realize that they can now simply accuse any man they wish of rape, provide no evidence, and get the man sentenced to decades in prison. It is impossible to communicate just how serious of a change this is in the entire foundations of our justice system.

The Weinstein case covered all of the bases as well, making it so there will literally be no possible defense.

Weinstein’s team presented hard evidence, that was not disputed, that the women who accused him of rape years ago continued to have “consensual” sex with him for years afterward. He also showed that they were on friendly communication levels with him during that period, writing him flattering emails and talking about how much they cared about him.

So this is a situation where there is going to be absolutely no conceivable defense. If she says she felt like she was raped, that is as good as the word of God, and you have to go to prison for decades.

I am actually seeing people celebrate this, saying “oh it’s good because he’s a Jew.” It is difficult to even imagine a dumber possible response to this event.

A precedent has not been set that Jews are not allowed to have sex with white women, if that is what you thought. The precedent has been set that a woman’s word is the law. And it is going to be used. They are all out there saying “we are going to use this.” Many, many men are going to go to prison because of this.

It’s a highly unfortunate situation.

You all need to be careful out there. And remember: you have to trust that any woman you have sex with will feel good about that encounter for the rest of her life. Because if at any point in her life she decides that she doesn’t feel good about it, you will be sent to prison for decades, based on nothing other than her word. This applies to all forms of sexual encounter, both casual and within the context of a relationship.

If you’re going to have sex, the best advice I can give is to not let the girl know your real name, where you live or any other detail about you. Keep a second phone with a number that can’t be linked to you.

Regrettably, this standard is now retroactive, and any woman you’ve ever had sex with in the past can accuse you. So we now all have to live with that burden for the rest of our lives, unless you were enlightened enough to become an incel before you had sex for the first time.