Top Russian Security Official Confirms Russia Will Use Violence Against Enemies

Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian Federation’s Security Council
Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State

Both Russia and China appear to have reached the point where they are completely tired of playing the games that Washington plays.


Just two weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed the country would “knock out the teeth” of any aggressors, the Security Council secretary has warned that unfriendly actions against Moscow may be met with force.

Speaking to newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta in an interview published on Monday, Nikolay Patrushev revealed that the country’s revised national security strategy means Moscow is now willing to use actual force and not just economic sanctions.

“The new version of the National Security Strategy emphasizes Russia’s desire to increase predictability, confidence, and security in the international sphere,” Patrushev explained.

“At the same time, it notes the legitimacy of symmetric and asymmetric measures to suppress and prevent unfriendly actions that threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia.”

In particular, he noted what he called “forceful methods of coercion,” which would come after the failure of special economic measures.

While Russia typically responds symmetrically to moves by foreign adversaries, often in a tit-for-tat manner, Moscow has recently shown willingness for asymmetrical measures. In April, after the Czech Republic expelled 18 Russian diplomats, the Kremlin decided to kick out 20 Czechs, upping the ante. Two days later, at Putin’s annual address to the Federal Assembly, he warned foreign countries that anyone threatening Russia’s national security would “regret their actions like they have never regretted anything before,” promising an “asymmetric, swift, and tough” response.

The Western powers have been bullying the whole world since the end of the Cold War, when hostilities stopped being even theoretically justified.

People are tired of it, and the US is obviously experiencing an internal decline, attacking its own population, promoting child homosexuality, endorsing drug use, hoaxing elections, stealing everyone’s freedom and making them poor.

This situation of the US attacking the world while also attacking its own population cannot possibly be sustained. It’s absurd and it’s never happened before.

Since Donald Trump was forced out of office in what amounted to a coup, the American military has begun aggressively threatening both Russia and China. It doesn’t make top headlines, and people tend to dismiss it, but there are huge and unprecedented deployments of warships and warplanes in both the Russian and Chinese sphere.

If you understand what is going on, it looks absolutely mad. It looks like the US military is trying to provoke both of these countries into a war.

What should be especially concerning is that we don’t even know who is ordering this. It’s fair to say it isn’t Joe Biden.

It could be the Other Biden, but I doubt it.

It’s definitely not Antony Blinken, who hasn’t even really appeared in public since he was blown out by the Chinese in Alaska after he started trying to order them around.

Frankly, it does appear as if the military is being commanded by some unknown force within the intelligence apparatus, and that whoever this might be is intent on starting a World War.