Top Neo-Nazi Journalist Joins the National Rifle Association

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2018


The other day, the Jewish terrorists at the Anti-Defamation League referred to me as a Neo-Nazi conspiracy theorist. I was mentioned in one of their articles because I questioned the legitimacy of these so-called teen shooting survivors who have been all over the Jew-run media.

I’ve been particularly critical of that bald dyke spic bitch Emma Gonzalez and that scrawny faggot David Hogg. Both of these clowns have been on national television demanding gun control and blaming the National Rifle Association for the Florida school shooting. They have conveniently ignored the numerous law enforcement failures while opting to focus their efforts against the NRA.

Even though I have no idea what the ADL means when they use the terms “Neo-Nazi” or “White supremacist,” they obviously feel threatened enough by my work to mention me on their site. But my commentary on Gonzalez and Hogg is not a conspiracy theory. It’s based on analysis of their national media appearances which many people agree have been scripted or staged in various capacities.

Simply put, the Jewish power structure is using these teens to wage an all out war against the NRA. There has never been such an organized effort put together to destroy them. Their campaign has prompted a number of airliners, rental car companies and hotel chains to end certain business arrangements they previously maintained with the NRA.

Hogg was even trying to get people to dump FedEx’s stock because they give discounts to the NRA.

The good news is that their overall effort is not succeeding. In fact, the agenda is backfiring. The search term “join NRA” has skyrocketed since the Jews started parading out these gun grabbing teens all over the national media.

In the face of this adversity, Wayne LaPierre one of the NRA’s top leaders, delivered a very impressive speech at CPAC. During the speech, he implicitly exposed how Jews have been the primary force behind gun control. He listed off numerous gun grabbing Jews during his speech while referring to them as “European-style socialists.”

At this point, it has become clear that the NRA is one of the few big lobbying groups around that is actively advocating on behalf of White interests. This is why we see the Jews flailing around trying to destroy them as the aftermath of the Florida school shooting continues to dominate the national news cycle.

It is for this reason that I as a top Neo-Nazi journalist have decided to join the NRA. Gun rights and the Second Amendment is of paramount interest to Whites and it is one of the few cultural areas where Whites have stood their ground. We need to hold the line on this issue and I believe that supporting the NRA will help us do just that.

I signed up for a five year membership for $100. We can send the Jews a message by supporting the NRA and ensuring that they’ll have an NRA problem for a long time to come.

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