Top Negro Film Director Jordan Peele Puts Out New Horror Film, Ostensibly Without an Anti-White Theme

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 27, 2018

The top negro film director Jordan Peele, whose 2017 film “Get Out” was nominated for 4 Oscars and won one, has a new film coming out early next year called “Us.”

From the trailer, it is rather clear that this is not the kind of movie that his last film was. “Get Out” was an aggressively anti-white propaganda film, which featured a black man dating a white middle class girl only to find that her family were racist murderers.

From the trailer for “Us,” I can gather that the film is largely free of white people. Instead of promoting a negative image of whites, it is promoting a positive image of a middle class black family. This is “Cosby Show” type propaganda.

Positive portrayals of blacks that come without negative portrayals of whites are much more easy for white people to swallow, for obvious reasons. In fact, white people tend to be very excited by the fantasy portrayal of blacks as being ultimately capable of integrating with white society, as their ultimate fantasy is white people no longer being forced to feel guilt over black failure, and black assimilation to white culture would mean that white guilt is no longer necessary. We will no longer have to treat black people like children, once they begin acting like adults. The entire weight of the thing will be removed.

It is logical that Peele would go in this direction – I’m sure with some input from Jewish producers – for his second film. If every film he releases is simply anti-white propaganda, many white people will not wish to see his films. So my prediction is that he will oscillate between films which focus on portraying whites negatively and films which focus on portraying blacks positively.

Although I have never seen “Get Out,” I have no reason not to assume he is a competent film director.  Whereas many “black movies” get positive critical feedback, while receiving no feedback or negative feedback from audiences, that film was received positively by both critics and audiences.

Furthermore, Peele’s sketch comedy show “Key and Peele,” which he wrote and starred in, was very well done from the clips I have seen.

A competent black film director is something of a very high value to the Hollywood Jewish elite, so I am very certain that they are going to be extremely careful in making sure that he is successful and avoids the reputation that black directors Spike Lee and Steve McQueen have of being political propagandists.

Despite its anti-white themes, “Get Out” was done in such a way that it did not trigger a backlash from conservatives in the way that many anti-white films do. Again, I have not seen the film so I cannot comment on its execution, but the lack of outrage is probably in part due to the fact that it was a horror movie. Horror films deal with fantasy themes, and those themes can often obfuscate a political message. That is presumably at least part of the reason why Peele, who was known for comedy before his directoral debut, chose to go into horror films.

The concept of anti-white messaging does not seem to bother the average conservative, but rather they are bothered by the perception that they are being lectured or blamed for something that they didn’t do.

The conservative pundit and white supremacist gang-leader Gavin McInnes actually did a review of the film and claimed that it was showing that liberals are the real racists.

I have no idea how many conservatives felt that way, but the fact that he made that argument – apparently based on a New York Times take on the film – indicates it was possible to leave the film with that impression.

The Black Capacity for Assimilation

Positive portrayals of “normal” (white behaving) black families are not necessarily negative in themselves. The negative element of this is when it is presented not as the way blacks should be, but as the way they would be if it were not for white racism.

I want to be clear that I have never believed and never argued that 0% of blacks are capable of assimilating and behaving like white people and merging more or less flawlessly into white society. The disagreement between myself and the liberals would be on what percentage of them are capable of this, as well as the reasons so few achieve it.

Liberals argue that there is no difference between blacks and whites, meaning that the same percentage of blacks would be able to live a middle class lifestyle – this is 90+% – if it were not for white racism. I would argue that it is less than 10% that are capable of this, and the reason that 90+% don’t achieve it is that they are biologically incapable. Furthermore, I would argue that “regression toward the mean” means that we cannot make real progress in this area.

The reality situation is that a specifically talented black – such as Jordan Peele – will have children that are almost as likely to become violent, crack cocaine addled blacks as blacks that are born to a normal, poor black family, all things being equal.

The Standard Modern Portrayal of Blacks in Media

The above having been said, portrayals of blacks in media as behaving like white people would be better for society generally than portrayals of them behaving like Rick Ross.

Blacks are very sensitive to suggestion, and the Jewish media has largely focused on purposefully encouraging their most negative traits.

The rap music industry is similar to shows such as Sex in the City, which targets women and encourage them to engage their most base biological drives.

And this is virtually a constant thing. The only portrayals of positive images of blacks behaving normally that I see are featured in movies that are marketed to a white audience.

Outside of the extreme examples of rap music (which are the most prevalent examples of blacks in media created for black people), one might look at the Madea films by Tyler Perry.

These films, which are marketed and almost exclusively viewed by black people, portray blacks realistically – illiterate, silly, criminal, sexually pathological – while making no attempt to present any kind of “aspiration to be more successful like white people” message.

A quick look at a list of “best black movies” shows that virtually all of these films feature blacks in one of two roles:

  1. Realistic blacks that reflect the current state of black society (crime, drugs, etc.)
  2. Blacks as victims (slavery, racism, etc.)

The first type is marketed mainly to black people while the second type is marketed mainly to white people (though modern blacks will generally tell you they are victims of white racism because they are told that constantly by Jews, they do not appear to find it entertaining to watch portrayals of themselves as victims; it would be as difficult to find a black person that has ever seen “Roots” as it would be to find a white person who has not).

I am not aware of any media targeted at black people that promoted acting more like white people having been released since the 1970s.

“Institutional Racism” has an Inverse Connection to Black Failure

Even though I do not believe that it is possible for very many blacks to assimilate, I think that promoting “acting white” as the ideal would result in significantly less violent and anti-social behavior by the blacks.

In fact, Jim Crow did just this.

Black people’s rate of illegitimate children skyrocketed following the end of Jim Crow.

Their prison population also exploded.

The theory that white racism is responsible for black failure is absolutely nonsensical based on the fact that black failure has a directly inverse relationship to so-called “institutional racism.”

And yet, Jewish media uses positive portrayals of blacks to make the claim that all of them would be in this situation if it were not for white racism – which is exactly the opposite of true, based on clear factual data.

During slavery – the height of “institutional racism” in America – you had virtually a 100% black child legitimacy rate and virtually a 0% black crime rate, and each successive, and each successive stage of “liberation” from the freeing of the slaves onward has driven these numbers in the opposite direction.

The idea that white people freed the slaves and then progressively gave more rights to blacks as some kind of sadistic conspiracy against them is even more of a lunatic concept than the idea that whites prefer to have violent criminals roaming their streets and attacking them than civilized negroes – and both of those things would have to be true in order for the argument that black failure is a result of white racism to hold up.


I will believe that positive portrayals of white-presenting middle class black families, such as the one featured in the trailer for “Us,” are intended to do something other than accost white people when the Jewish media stops portraying black drug-dealing pimps as the epitome of human masculinity and ceases to blame white racism for black failure.

Until then, I cannot take seriously the claim that there is any qualitative difference between “anti-white” and “pro-black” media messaging.