Top Jew Calls for Jeremy Corbyn to be “Sacrificed”

Diversity Macht Frei
May 30, 2019

The Board of Deputies of British (sic) Jews is the leading Jewish ethno-activist organisation in Britain. In fact it is the prototype of such organisations in the world, having been formed in 1760.

At an Elders of Zion – sorry Board of Deputies – meeting on 19 May, the former president of the BOD, Lionel Kopelowitz, called for Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the British Labour party, to be ‘sacrificed’.

The Times:

The word Corbyn is a very suitable one for him, after Corbyn in Hebrew is ‘korban’, which is a sacrifice. And I think we should sacrifice him for all the trouble that he has caused.

You might think these are words that could be uttered in jest. But listen to the bizarre note of truculence in his voice. This is someone who could do it for real.

As soon as he had said these words, current president Marie Van Der Zyl quickly warned her fellow Jews of a potential Goyim Knowing problem:

I’d just like to remind you that you are being live streamed. And before any more speakers I’m reminding all of you that you are being live-streamed!

Too late, dear! The Goyim Know!

Unfortunately Corbyn is no more an antisemite than I am a feminist. He is just a standard left-wing critic of Israel and the Jews have contrived completely bogus accusations against him for that reason.

They have now got the Equalities and Human Rights Commission to investigate the Labour party over its “antisemitism”. The EHRC will now effectively launch an Inquisition into the Labour party. Jews are salivating at the prospect.

The Commission will be able to compel testimony and access any evidence it requires. Whether by breaking non-disclosure agreements of former staff, or ordering the release of documents, emails and messages, we are very confident that they will find wrongdoing that needs to be put right.

We’re also confident that what we have submitted that has come to light so far will be just be the tip of the iceberg. So, I’d say to anyone within the Party who has been witness to institutional racism but has been concerned about coming forward because of political retribution: now is the time to do so.

The Chair of the EHRC is one David Isaac, Jew.

Its Chief Executive is one Rebecca Hilsenrath, Jewess.

The Jews have weaponised the bureaucracy to pursue their tribal agenda.

If anyone talks back to the Jews in a political party, and isn’t instantly persecuted for it, the Jew Crew will come to investigate, impound all your documents and interrogate all your staff under sub poena.

And not a single person even comments publicly on the fact that the people running this unaccountable quango are Jews. They are so cowed by Jewish power that they dare not even defend themselves against it. All they they can do is prostrate themselves and beg for mercy. The Labour party has announced that it will “fully cooperate” with the inquiry.

There is a certain poetic justice in this for Labour. They are the ones who endowed the EHRC with the extraordinary powers it now has in order to nobble the British National Party (BNP). After legal action by the EHRC, the BNP was forced to admit brown people as members. Labour are now Robespierres going to their own guillotine.

After this, I predict, the Jews at the EHRC will launch an investigation into the Conservative Party over “Islamophobia”. Why? Jews worry about their privileged status becoming too obvious. That’s one reason why they try and big up other minority-grievance-mongering organisations, to make Jewish Privilege seem like something more generic: Minority Privilege.

All British political parties will soon require kosher and halal certification. The prospect of a political solution to our current problems becomes ever more remote.