Top Jew Banker Joseph Stiglitz Predicts Collapse of Eurozone

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2016


Good news, everyone!


Italy and other countries may leave the eurozone in the next few years, predicts Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz. He blames the euro and German austerity for the stalled European economy.

“There will still be a eurozone in 10 years, but the question is, what will it look like? It’s very unlikely it will still have 19 members. It’s difficult to say who will still belong,” Stiglitz said in an interview with German newspaper Die Welt.

“The people in Italy are increasingly disappointed in the euro. Italians are starting to realize that Italy doesn’t work in the euro,” he added.

According to Stiglitz, Germany had already accepted that Greece would ditch the euro. He added he advised Greece and Portugal to leave the eurozone.

Stiglitz criticized Germany’s austerity policy, lack of European solidarity for solving common economic woes and the single currency. The best solution to boost the European economy is to break up the euro, creating two different currencies for northern and southern member countries, the economist said.

The United States has recovered from the 2008 crisis, while the EU is still suffering, “the big difference is the euro,” Stiglitz said.

He’s a weird Jew. He actually wrote against globalism, back in the 90s.

I remember in the mid-2000s Alex Jones did an interview with him where he tried to bully him into agreeing to some kind of illuminati conspiracy. He basically did.

Basically, Jews have a biological drive to enter into any field and dominate it. So yeah, most Jew bankers are globalists, but there also has to be a Jew banker controlling the anti-globalist banker movement.

He has worked for both the IMF and the World Bank (currently working for the latter), and plays a sort of good cop role.

Basically, there’s now a very good chance the eurozone will collapse, the the Jews need to position themselves to come in after that and be like “oh, sorry that happened to you goyim – but we can help you – after all, we’re god’s chosen people.”