Top Harvard Jew Steven Pinker Doubles Down and ADMITS That He Reads Daily Stormer, Is Secretly a Fan of Gassing Kikes

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2018

Will wonders never cease?

This is a long video, but most of the interesting stuff is at the very beginning where Steven Pinker ADMITS to reading the Daily Stormer.

We published an article about an earlier video of his where he admitted that the Alt-Right was right about everything.

Here’s the original video.

Anyways, in his latest talk about the Alt-Right, Steve doubles down.

He says that the Alt-Right has infiltrated the highest echelons of academia. That we are represented in the student body of Harvard for example and that even some professors agree with us…all on the sly of course.

Naturally, he is talking about “those professors and students over there, but not me, no I loath the Alt-Right,” but he simply could not frog-whistle any harder if he tried.

I just want to point out that Steve has come to several of our secret Alt-Right meetings and even personally shaken my hand.

“God bless you for the work that you do, Roy”

That’s literally what he said to me.

He also said that he wishes he wasn’t born a Jew, but that like Stephen Miller, he will do his best to fight back against his kike brethren for our side.

So there’s that.

Also, well done, fellow Nazis! We now have definitive proof that our efforts to successfully infiltrate the system have been a resounding success. We can now move on to coordinated and relentless microaggression flash attacks on non-White students, homos and feminists.

They won’t even know what hit them.

Little do they suspect that the White kid studying in Intro to Psych and sitting next to them in the library is planning to lean in when they least expect it and whisper into their ear…

you’re a nigger”

But we’ll talk about phase II another time.

Let’s all just make sure that we understand where Steve Pinker stands. Frankly, it seems to me that he is angling for an editorial position on the Daily Stormer.

I don’t blame him tbh.

Academia has become so stifling and boring that even the goy-golems created by the Jews are turning the laws of PC back on the Jews themselves who have no choice but to “oy vey” and check their privilege.

Meanwhile, we here on the Alt-Right continue to fight for the freedom of speech and powerful ideas.

I fully expect Steve’s secret association with us to be revealed very soon, so that’s why I figured I would spill the beans here.

I’m sorry Steve, they were going to find out eventually. Better they learn it this way. On your terms.

Anyways, I’m not sure Steve will be given a position on the Stormer. It’s not that he isn’t talented, it’s just he’s doing such a good job brainwashing his students with Nazi propaganda at Harvard when no one is looking that it would be a shame to lose him there.

I think he’s in a good place and doing good work for the Alt-Right right where he is now.

But if anything should go wrong, I want the media and Harvard to know that we fully endorse Steven Pinker and if they give him any trouble by firing him or whatever, they’ll seriously anger the Stormer and we will petition for Pinker to get his job back.

He is too important for us to lose. He is literally the ambassador of the Alt-Right in Harvard.

Don’t you dare mess with him.