Top French Tabloid Compares Macron to Hitler with Weird Cover Image

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2018

Macron is like Hitler.

Except that Hitler had a 95+% approval rating, and Macron’s is hovering in the mid-teens.

Also: everything else is different, completely.

Le Monde is getting attacked for featuring a Hitler-like image of Macron on the cover.

And it’s…


This is in the context of a mass uprising against Macron, and there was never, ever any uprising against Hitler. There were communist revolutionaries, but they were pretty well silenced when Hitler got the economy moving. No one cared anymore. And they were never at the scale of the Yellow Vests, even in the beginning.

The whole thing is just “everyone who is bad is Hitler.”

So I guess it is good that major French media is comparing him to Hitler, as they are saying he is bad.

I guess.

I was hoping that Macron would be literally Hitler after he said that blacks need to stop breeding.

But instead we got a weather tax and everything else.

No Hitler ever accused me of changing the weather. And then taxed me for driving because of it.

Maybe they were comparing him to Marx.

But again… Jewish conspirator that he was, Marx still had a lot of popular support.

As did Lenin.

Godzilla makes a little bit more sense.

Though I think even Godzilla had a higher approval rating than Macron.