Top Flip Duterte Rejects Canadian Choppers Because of “Muh Human Rights” Cucking

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2017

Does this look like the kind of guy who uses helicopters for “rescue” missions?

The leafcucks have done it again.

Instead of relishing in the honor of being allowed to sell their stupid helicopters to Rodrigo Duterte, who is sure to use them to further his just cause, they lapsed into a “human rights” induced apoplectic fit.

While his minister was like “don’t worry dawg, we’re totally not going to kill criminals and terrorists with your hardware” in order to appease the fragile Canadians, Duterte just shit-canned the whole deal.

Fox Business:

The Philippine president on Friday ordered the cancellation of a multimillion-dollar deal to buy 16 helicopters from Canada and said purchases of U.S. arms should also be stopped because of too many imposed conditions, although he said he still supports President Donald Trump.

It’s sickening that as a result of the Jewish occupation of America, we’re being cut out of this weapons market.

By all rights, we should be the world’s premier supplier of commie and Moslem removal equipment.

President Rodrigo Duterte’s order, issued in a news conference, came after the Canadian government decided to review the 12 billion peso ($235 million) helicopter deal due to concerns the Philippine military might use the utility helicopters in counterinsurgency assaults.

Philippine defense officials gave assurances Thursday that the Bell 412EPI helicopters would be used to ferry supplies and troops, including those wounded in combat, and to respond to disasters, and would not be employed to attack insurgents.

Yeah, obviously they could have just promised not to kill drug dealers with them, and then done it anyway. There’s probably nothing Canada could have done about it.

But then again, it’s astounding that the Canadian government thinks it’s appropriate to dictate to a sovereign nation how it uses its own equipment and maintains the rule of law. The arrogance is beyond belief.

Who’d tolerate a lecture from this faggot?

I’m sure Duterte can go to Russia or China and ask to buy their helicopters, and they’ll be like “of course, would you like to see our specialized Moslem-killing models?”

Known for his impromptu decisions and public outbursts, Duterte declared in a nationally televised news conference in southern Davao city, his hometown, that he wants the helicopter deal, along with purchases of unspecified U.S. weapons, halted.

“I want to tell the armed forces to cut the deal, don’t proceed with it and somehow we will look for another supplier,” Duterte said of the helicopter purchase.

Although he said he respects Canada’s stand, Duterte said using the helicopters just to ferry troops and dead soldiers is “a crazy proposition.”

“I’m buying helicopters because I want to finish them off,” said Duterte, referring to Muslim and communist rebels along with Islamic militants in the country’s volatile south.

Now, that’s my kind of talk.

Helicopters rides are the proven way to get rid of pests.

Maybe next time Canada is on the verge of selling millions of dollars of military equipment, they’ll think twice before whining about “muh human rights” like little babies?

Probably not though.

But with Russia and China expanding their influence, the time when cucked, Jew-ridden nations can impose their insanity on the rest of the world is coming to an end.