TOP CUCK: Americans Most Excited About Invasion

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 18, 2016


This is from a July study by Pew Research. I don’t remember seeing it at the time.

It’s important to note it. Because we give the Swedes, British and Germans hell.

But it turns out, we’re the top cucks.

The surge of refugees to Europe has helped make it a region of increasing cultural diversity and foreign-born populations, just as immigration to the United States has pushed its foreign-born share to near record levels. But a new Pew Research Center survey paints a picture of a Europe that is far less positive about what greater diversity means for many of its countries.

The most common view among the 10 European countries surveyed is that cultural diversity is neither a plus nor a minus in terms of quality of life. In no nation does a majority say increasing diversity is a positive for their country. At most, roughly a third in Sweden (36%), the UK (33%) and Spain (31%) describe growing racial, ethnic and national diversity in favorable terms.

By contrast, more than half in Greece (63%) and Italy (53%) say that growing diversity makes their country a worse place to live. Roughly four-in-ten Hungarians (41%) and Poles (40%) agree.

Not sure how it’s 58%.

Of course, it isn’t really that fair, as we have so much more of this vibrant diversity than the Europeans, and these monkeys have phones to answer calls from Pew (no one knows who taught them how to use phone, or how they did it, let alone why). They interpret it as “more people from my home country invading this White country,” so of course they all say “yes, more please.” But I don’t think the Blacks would be answering positively.

Who are these Whites who want this?

I used to think it was only the upper middle class ones, who didn’t have to deal with the monkeys living next to them. But now they’re everywhere. The middle class is dealing with this encroachment. They’re breaking into cars, they’re robbing stores, they’re shooting guns in parking lots. And these filthy stinking Pakis taking all the IT jobs and getting all close to you at Walmart,with that smell that makes you literally gag.

Everyone is dealing with it.

So who supports it?

I guess women still do.

They need those sexual options.

They need those romantic dates.