Top British Female Journalist Mentally Destroyed by Cyberbullying, Forced to Call in Security

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2018

Remember that interview with Cathy Newman that Jordan B. Peterson did?

Daily Stormer covered it.

Well, apparently, Cathy has been subjected to some intense cyber-bullying since then. I can only sympathize with her. The Jordan B. Peterson internet defense force is one of the most vicious ones out there.

The Independent:

Channel 4 has called in “security specialists” after presenter Cathy Newman was subjected to abuse online.

Following a “robust” interview with University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson, Ms Newman suffered “vicious” comments and threats, according to editor Ben de Pear.

The full, 30-minute video has gained nearly two million views on Youtube since being posted three days ago.

Mr De Pear tweeted: “Our @Channel4News onscreen journalists expect to be held to account for their journalism but the level of vicious misogynistic abuse, nastiness, and threat to @cathynewman is an unacceptable response to a robust and engaging debate with @jordanbpeterson.

“Such is the scale of threat we @Channel4News are having to get security specialists in to carry out an analysis. I will not hesitate to get the police involved if necessary. What a terrible indictment of the times we live in.”

Ms Newman retweeted the messages.

A Twitter search revealed a series of messages directed at the presenter calling her a “b***h”, “c***” and “f***ing idiot”.

Harrowing stuff. Two things right off the bat though.

Cathy was a total cunt during that interview, and Jordan – despite being a wet dishrag – managed to run rhetorical circles around her loaded questions and PMS-soaked hyperbole.

She went for the kill and ended up the one with the bloody nose instead.

Now, who do we know likes to “cry out in pain as they strike you?”

Yeah, so there’s some of that obvious and annoying kikery at play here.

Second, it’s obvious that this is a form of damage control. It goes like this: “My arguments may be shit, but you made me feel unsafe, therefore you’re a horrible person and everything that you said is rendered null.”

This is chick logic 101. And further proof that women cannot handle complex arguments and therefor should not be in public life let alone leading journalists. Letting women into these professions dumbed down the entire profession.

Weather girls allowed only. And no more. That’s it. Maybe Sportsball commentary if we feel generous.

Basic shit, lads. But just looking at the absolute state of British TV, it’s obvious that these simple truths will never see the light of day. I mean, this bitch was legit arguing that people’s free speech rights end where tranny’s pronouns begin during the debate with Peterson.

It’s a freakshow out there.