Top Atomwaffen Satanist Exposed as Well-Paid FBI Informant!

Atomwaffen’s cringe aesthetics ensure that only the goofiest anti-social dorks and slobs get involved, then the feds tell them to murder people for Satan. This poster is exhibit A of why you need to keep a sense of humor.

This Anglin guy man – he sure is right about a lot of stuff.

Me being right is not about me going around saying “oh, ho ho ho, look at how right I am!”

The point of it is that I have an understanding of what is going on, so you should take what I say seriously.

Thus far, I’ve been right every single time that I called someone out as a fed.

Now, of course, I’m right again that the main Atomwaffen guy who was actively and aggressively shilling SATANISM was, of course, a fed. And a well-paid one at that!

(This isn’t a surprise – it had been revealed in January that the leader of Atomwaffen was a “former” CIA agent with an active CAGE code for intelligence contracting. The Guardian revealed that – apparently the shitlibs at The Guardian believed that implied a secret Nazi conspiracy in the CIA lolololol.)

Those of you who have been around a while will remember that these Atomwaffen people consistently attacked me. They called me names and suggested that I myself was somehow compromised.

This was one of their main leaders who used to attack me constantly, even while I was avoiding writing about them because they were too small to matter:

Shock that guy wasn’t really a right-winger, right?

Federal informants really don’t like me.

This same thing happened with MILO – he was attacking me and then – whoops! – turned out he was an FBI informant.

For those keeping track, the following are all confirmed feds, fed informants, or otherwise actively involved in working with feds:

  • Christopher Cantwell
  • Social Justice Party (as a group)
  • Enrique Tarrio (Proud Boys leader)
  • The Oath Keepers (as a group)
  • Atomwaffen/”The Base” (as a group)
  • MILO

These are other people I’ve accused of being feds, who haven’t been outed yet:

  • Matt Heimbach (and his whole crew – Matt Parrott, Hunter Wallace, etc. – who are already directly linked to
  • Richard Spencer
  • Ramz Paul
  • The National Socialist Movement (NSM)

Of the people that I accused of being feds in 2017, virtually all of them have already been outed and confirmed.

I would think that after Matt Heimbach became Antifa and started calling for assassinations, you’d be able to write him off as a fed without it coming out in court, but it will come out in court.

Richard Spencer is now openly supporting Joe Biden and wants to force vaxx people. He’s also forming a satanic new religion (???).

Gangly lesbian Ramz Paul is continuing to copy all of my material verbatim while also saying that I’m a “costumed neo-Nazi” and refusing to engage me. He ran a years-long smear campaign against me, unprovoked. Ramz Paul was literally interviewing the literal costumed neo-Nazi and FBI informant Harold Covington and promoting him while accusing me of being a fed and a costume Nazi by pretending to be retarded and not knowing what jokes are. While he was doing that, he was also accusing me of not writing my own articles, and claiming that the articles were written by a team of feds – but also that the articles were good. He refuses to debate me on the Ralph show, even as he boldly repeats my talking points.

The National Socialist Movement is literally costumed Nazis, and also linked to both Matt Heimbach and TRS.

Back in 2017, people said: “Anglin, you’re just accusing everyone of being a fed!”

Of course, at this point, with more having been proved to be feds than not, this really isn’t a valid argument.

Before was outed, they were claiming that no one was a fed, and that you would have to be schizophrenic to believe that. Meanwhile, I was pointing to all of these books about how the White Nationalist movements of the 1990s were infiltrated by the feds to the point where there often was not any non-fed in the room at the meetings.

I was approached by an informant recruiter in 2015, before Trump declared his candidacy.

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When I refused, the feds started harassing my family, putting my face all over TV and accusing me of things, doing other very bad things to me that I don’t need to mention, and then ultimately gave me the worst banning of anyone ever in history.

The idea that this didn’t happen to any of these other people was stupid and actually nonsensical. I said in 2017: “there is no way all of these people haven’t been approached by FBI recruiters.”

Now of course we know that Enrique Tarrio was an informant – acting as an undercover agent – before he ever joined Proud Boys. That is the same case with this Atomwaffen guy – he was an informant before Atomwaffen existed. It looks like that is also the case with Stuart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers. This was the case with “Jayoh De La Rey” from as well – he was already involved with the feds, working to infiltrate libertarian drug dealers, before he ever joined the group.

The point is: most of these people are involved in these groups.

You cannot be a part of these groups without getting infiltrated by feds.

Back in maybe 2016, when I was young and naïve, I had a forum where people could organize real life meetups. Jayoh De La Rey, the fed handler of, was going on the forum under different names and tricking people into joining his fed-controlled group. That demonstrates the fact that you can’t organize a group without feds. Even I myself can’t do it, when all I ever wanted was for people to meet friends – the feds turned it into a funnel for their groups.

You have to, 100%, stay the hell away from these groups.

As you can see: that goes for the “racist” groups as well as “patriot” type groups. Any right-wing group is going to end up being run by the feds, de facto.

We have records of the feds also infiltrating and taking control of like, leftist environmentalist groups. Obviously, Antifa is run by feds. This is a long-standing operating procedure, and it is worse now than it ever has been.

Although it wasn’t difficult to call a group literally claiming to be right-wing while being a secret satanic death cult an obvious fed honeypot, the same thing is true of all the groups. I can call this easily because of the fact that all groups are controlled by feds.

What you need to do is this:

  • Leave the city
  • Get involved with a community
  • Work with normal people to resist the system

You don’t have to talk to people about Jews or whatever. It doesn’t matter if they understand that. If they ask you about it, you can tell them what you think, and leave it at that. You definitely do not have to lecture them about the Holocaust being a hoax. Just meet and mingle with normal people, accept that they are not going to be fully redpilled – bond with them on hatred for the vaxx and the Democrats who are coming to take your guns and gay-rape you sons.

That’s all.

There’s no mystery.

We do not need to solve any mysteries.

We already have a plan.

The leadership of the American right-wing is so brimming with human genetic waste that you should really feel relieved you’re not obligated to get involved in a group to save the race, and all you have to do is move to a small town and go to church with normal people.

Atomwaffen, for example, was also having sex with a Mexican tranny. When I say “Atomwaffen,” I mean that apparently everyone in the group was doing sodomy with this same tranny.

But if you saw their art, you should have known.

Anyone who thinks that type of thing is “hip” or “cool” is definitely an aggressive homosexual.

Aesthetics can really tell you a lot about a person, and it should. All people who think that really cringe edgy stuff is nice to look at are repressed homosexuals.

Oh, and let me just note: Atomwaffen was also linked to CIA-controlled anti-Russian “nationalists” in the Ukraine, which use these same cringe aesthetics (including the skull mask lol), and allegedly also engage in satanic rituals.

The FBI – actually, Max Rose who we talked about earlier today – have used the link between Atomwaffen and Ukrainian satanic neo-Nazis to say that “white supremacy” is “an international terrorist group.” This was basically how they established a legal framework for labeling American right-wingers as “terrorists.”

This is what they do to you – they go out and do things, then blame you for the things they did, then call you a terrorist and arrest you for something they did.


Since we’re talking about Atomwaffen, and about Jews doing things and then blaming other people for those things, I just have to say this: they did the same thing to Charles Manson that they did to the Nazis.

Basically, they accepted the media narrative that the Nazis were evil psychopathic murderers, and then said that this was actually good. Because they are satanic, they believe psychopathy and murder are good things.

At the same time, they accepted the moronic gibberish of that wop charlatan Vincent Bugliosi as regards Charles Manson. Manson was just a victim of a single mother who took too much acid. The claim is that he somehow manipulated people into committing a murder – without ever telling them to do it!

Meanwhile, he was calling out the Jews in court.

But he was too brain damaged from the drugs to actually put up a real fight, and he did not have good lawyers, so Bugliosi, the prosecutor, drummed up this outrageous hoax about him using psychic powers to brainwash people into committing a murder, and poor Charlie was locked up for the rest of his life because he had met people who committed a murder.

Obviously, the murder itself was some kind of Jewish satanic ritual. The woman they murdered, Sharon Tate, was the shiksa wife of ratty Jew Roman Polanski, who would later go on to sodomize a 13-year-old girl and flee the country.

There is a lot of really weird stuff surrounding that situation. The year before the murder of his wife, Polanski made a satanic movie called “Rosemary’s Baby” about the birth of the Antichrist. Then, about ten years after the Tate murder, John Lennon was killed right in front of the apartment where that movie was filmed by some kind of MK Ultra victim who claimed that he killed Lennon because of a secret message in the Jewish novel Catcher in the Rye.

Lennon himself was a target of the FBI, and also a critic of Jews.

I have no idea how all of that fits together. Maybe we’ll figure it out at some point. It seems like the entire story of popular culture and Hollywood is some kind of large scale satanic ritual being consistently performed by the Jews.

But Charles Manson didn’t kill anyone and pulling this poor bastard out of a field and accusing him of doing a Jewish ritual murder was at the time the biggest hoax since the Holocaust. Bugliosi of course got rich writing a book about his theories about Manson, none of which were supported by any facts.

So it’s interesting that Atomwaffen, while promoting their satanic agenda, also defamed the Nazis (a group of healthy Christians) and Charles Manson (who obviously had some problems but was not a murderer). It’s like they get you on both ends – Jews come up with a hoax to defame someone and drag them through the mud, then they use the same hoax to build a fake neo-Nazi group to organize killings.

As it stands now, Atomwaffen still exists, and is still actively recruiting. A few months ago, VICE News ran a story about how the FBI decided to start letting them recruit more.

I wouldn’t really be surprised if the “Next Big Thing” that we all feel is on the way came out of Atomwaffen. As the dumb shitlib in the above tweets says, the feds have been using Atomwaffen to purposefully “radicalize” young people into violence for years now. I’m sure the shitlibs believe this means that the FBI is run by secret Nazi satanists – and they’re half right!

*Article updated to remove a line about Anton LaVey after controversy regarding the accuracy of the information.