Toon Tuesday: All the Memes We Left Behind

I have a meme overload.

I’m overloaded with memes.

You could never believe what I go through to bring you these memes, in such grand numbers, with no cringe, and yet always the perfect mix of edgy/wholesome/boomer/informational/classic.

Some of these are still seasonal, so we’re doing a meme dump on a Tuesday.

Plus, the writing today is probably 85% likely to be garbage, so at least you’ll have something enjoyable.

These are a couple of my favs today.

This one was closest to my heart:

Not sure how some of you are still confused by this. It’s been pretty straightforward to me for more than 21 months, and I’ve spent that many days trying to explain it to you and somehow, for large numbers of readers, it just hasn’t sunk in yet.

But hey – all of these memes are good.

Also, never forget: there’s a 15% chance that later today, I’ll get some wind in my sails, and the writing will all turn out excellent.

Here dem memes be at.

NOTE: Many of these memes are racist and anti-Semitic, as well as denialist. So if you are a faggot or a woman, you may have a heart attack looking at them. I don’t care if you have a heart attack, and you’re going to have one anyway from all those vaccines you’re taking, but I’m just saying. 

Post-credits bonus scene for only real niggas.