Too Little Too Late: Trump Finally Acknowledges Coronavirus, Declares State of Emergency

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 14, 2020

The media Jews were finally proven right about Donald Trump when he dropped the ball and simply refused to deal with the Coronavirus problem, apparently for no reason, instead pretending that if he didn’t do anything the problem would just go away.

The Orange Man gave them a gift on a silver platter as he stood by and allowed the virus to spread across the country uncontrolled, not even giving any advice on how it should be dealt with, repeatedly claiming that everyone was just too worried about it and that the worry was some kind of media Jew hoax.

On a very real level, this is a “boy who cried wolf” situation. The media attacked him over everything he did, always claiming that it would result in an apocalypse, and finally something has resulted in an impending apocalypse, where we are looking down the barrel of millions of dead Americans because of his actions. In the story of the boy who cried wolf, it is only the boy who gets eaten, however – in this story, we are all going to get eaten, and the boy is going to walk away gloating about “I told you so.”

I am obviously not a person who wants to see Trump lose and the media win, but that is simply what has happened. The media hysteria over the virus was true, Trump was wrong, and in another week no one is going to be able to deny that.

Trump has declared a national State of Emergency.

This should have been done as soon as China shut down Wuhan. And it should have been done at every point after that.

Doing it now means that there are already hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people already infected, and the hospitals are going to be overwhelmed.

We can of course still stop the spread, but we need people locked in their homes. We need everything that Wuhan had, everything that Italy currently has, with no one in the country allowed to leave their homes for any reason other than to buy food, or to work in hospitals or industries supporting waste management and keeping the lights on. Everyone else needs to be at home, at all times, for at least a month.

From what I have seen, Trump’s State of Emergency does not go nearly that far, and it is barely going to do anything to slow the spread of this virus.

Trump is also urging support for a bill introduced by Nancy Pelosi that will provide funding for managing the virus.

Okay, sure.

But the facilities to care for the sick do not exist.

Hospitals are going to be overwhelmed and hospital staff is going to get sick, just like in Wuhan and Italy. And there is not even a potential solution to that.

Just look at this conversation in the comments below Trump’s post:

This is not “the greatest country in the world.” We cannot just magically resist an infectious viral plague by doing nothing. This is lunacy. And everyone is about to find out how deranged it is, because Trump cannot blame hundreds of thousands of deaths on the flu after refusing to give tests.

I don’t know how Donald Trump can possibly recover from this politically. Allowing it to happen in an election year really does make me wonder if it wasn’t people inside his administration trying to sabotage him. He sat there and watched the situation unfold in China and then in Italy, just like we all did, and he continually said that it was not necessary to do anything, which simply made no sense at all.

I don’t know.

Good luck, Donald.

Good luck, America.