Tony Blair Gave Away Passports to Reduce Immigration Figures

Juno News
February 5, 2014


There were 724,000 births in 2011 — of which 26 per cent, 185,000, were to mothers themselves born abroad. At the last census in 2001, just 16 per cent of births were to foreign-born mothers.

It’s much higher than the official figures. Blair was giving away passports in an attempt to reduce the immigration figures. All these foreign born parents count as British.

So, according to the statistics, immigrant women are breeding at more than twice the rate as the indigenous women. You don’t have to be a mathematician to work out how the UK is going to look in a few decades.

>>> Mothers from Afghanistan had the highest average birth rate of 4.25, closely followed by those from Somalia, with 4.19 and Iraq with 3.91.


Do you leave your door open at night and allow strangers to come in and live in your house, do you then pay for their food, education, their children, buy there clothes, give them your cash, take out loans to provide for them, neglect your own family for them? No of course you do none of that, but our politicians did.

How long before text books and archive films are edited to remove images of street scenes which show clearly that even in the 60s the country was a very long way from being multiracial? The media is not content unless it is casting actors who reflect the current demography in period dramas, or unless it is depicting British people in the later decades of the 20th C as rampant racists. The steady indoctrination of the under 30s continues and soon no one will believe how much this country has changed in a few decades.


Every other name on the maternity Cots in Southampton Maternity unit is East European. The social housing queue was 4000 in 2008, it’s now 16000.

All these immigrants benefit slumlords & low wage pagers, but are to the detriment of everyone else. They drive wages down & take jobs.

More road congestion, more pollution, more housing shortages, loss of greenbelt.

Mad mad mad!

I find it difficult to accept from the media this unplanned invasion one minute, then correlate it with them telling us about sacrifices made 100 years ago defending the country.

Thanks LibLabCon, thanks very much.