Tommy Robinson’s YouTube Channel is Apparently Being Run by the Jews!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2019

On Friday, the Tommy Robinson YouTube channel released a video attacking YouTuber Mark Collett. This was confusing, because Tommy Robinson is currently in prison for filming Moslems. It led many people to believe the YouTube channel had gone zombie.

Shortly after the video was posted, comments and like/dislike were disabled. Then on Sunday, they changed the name of the video from “How to burn a REAL Nazi” to “The Elephant in the room.”

This is strange, because anti-Semites often refer to the Jews as “the elephant in the room.”

The attack video features footage of Mark from a 2002 hit piece, wherein a Jew tricked him into thinking he was his friend and secretly recorded him saying that he liked Adolf Hitler and thought Nazi Germany was a cool place.

It’s nothing that sounds especially edgy in 2019. But you have to remember that we’ve been engaged in a 5-year process of mass desensitization to Jewish Holocaust propaganda, which has been extremely successful. In 2002, saying “Hitler probably wasn’t really that bad, actually” was shocking to the silly goyim.

The point is: this information has already been aired. Everyone knows this about Mark Collett. He’s never cucked on this, but he has said that his views have evolved, and that he was only 19 in the video.

So what is the point of the Tommy Robinson YouTube channel posting this? Is he actually communicating from prison with someone running the YouTube channel and saying “m8, I want you to get that bloody rascally cunt Collett – stick it to him right good, m8, the cunt – post that video from 2002 where he says the Hitler thing, m8”?

This does not seem very likely.

It seems more likely that Tommy has no idea what is going on with his YouTube channel. He’s in prison, and some Jew is running it.

In actual fact, it appears to be a specific Jew: the Jew Avi Yemini, an Israeli-Australian who has become Tommy Robinson’s handler recently.

He is helping Tommy make a documentary called “Shalom,” which I guess won’t be released until he’s out of prison.

Yemini is running Tommy’s website,, which also published a companion article for the video about Mark.

Remember that the video was originally titled “How to burn a REAL Nazi.” Well, this phrasing – with the “REAL” in caps – was also used by Yemini last week, in referencing this website.

So I think it’s fair to assume he posted the video.

The Jew Yemini recently banned a writer for that website named Shazia Hobbs because she wrote an article about Jews.

She then did an interview with Mark.

And that is what Yemini was angry about, and he appears to have been using the fact that she did an interview with Mark – a REAL Nazi – to attack her and undermine her credibility.

There is also a second woman, Dionne Miller, who was heavily involved in the Tommy movement who has recently come out against the Jews. She has also had some contact with Mark Collett.

I don’t think the video in question actually had anything to do with Mark specifically. Yemini was just lashing out at these women for speaking about his tribe, and Mark was used as a prop for that attack.

This is all some pretty tight inside baseball type stuff. Needless to say, it’s not something that the nearly 400,000 subscribers to Tommy Robinson’s YouTube channel would be aware of. And all it has resulted in is people getting angry at Tommy, who is made to look like he is stewing in prison, plotting revenge against Mark Collett, who never even did anything to him (in fact, Mark has supported Tommy, as I think we all have – at least in the context of “he has a right to speak”).

The bottom line is that yes, Tommy Robinson is a shameless and ridiculous Jewish shill. But – not in his defense, but for the sake of journalistic accuracy – it is important to understand that the Mark Collett hit piece was almost certainly not released by Tommy or with Tommy’s knowledge, but was simply a result of Jewish meddling. It was an attempt by Avi Yemini and probably other Jews who have taken over Tommy Robinson, Inc. while Tommy is locked up to defame these women.

Jews are weird, vindictive, petty and disgusting people.

The case of Tommy Robinson is a perfect example of the way these Jews will attach themselves to goyim who they view as useful, and then twist them all around and use them for their own Jewish agenda.

These Jews can take any single cause and turn it into their own agenda. They are masters at redirecting the energies of the goyim.

You sign up to join Tommy Robinson because you’re disgusted by mass Islamic immigration, and then all of a sudden you’re waving an Israeli flag, giving money to Jews and calling for war in Syria. That’s no different than voting for Donald Trump because you want a wall and end up sending $38 billion to Israel.

Somehow, no matter what it is you think you’re trying to do, you always end up doing the work of Jews.

The single way to avoid that is to be explicitly anti-Jewish, and to not allow any Jews to be a part of what you’re doing.