Tommy Robinson’s Jewish Handler Avi Yemini was a Heroin Addict and was Denied Entry to the US for Planning Violence

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2019

When Israel sends their Jewish handlers to manage right-wing movements, they’re not sending their best.

One of Tommy Robinson’s Israeli handlers, Avi Yemini, appears to be running Tommy’s entire internet presence while he is in prison, and is clearly responsible for the uploading of an anti-Mark Collett video to Tommy’s YouTube channel. The other handler, called “Brian of London” (even though he lives in Tel Aviv), is also focusing his energies on attacking people who question Jews, rather than attempting to inform people about Tommy’s plight.

Tommy runs an anti-Islamic immigration movement, he was sentenced to prison for filming Moslems, he is getting beaten up in prison, and the Jews who are running his media empire are using it to spread hatred against white people.

The attack on Collett came after a writer for Tommy’s news site, Shazia Hobbs, wrote an article about Jews and the Frankfurt School and was fired by the Jews running the site. Shazia is half-Pakistani and has been involved with the Tommy movement for a long time. A second female Tommy supporter, Dionna Miller, has also come out against the Jews since Tommy went to jail, and is being subjected to attacks by the Jews running Tommy’s media.

This is typical Jewish behavior, but it is certain to lead to people asking questions about what exactly is going on with these Jews. Surely, with Tommy in prison, being beaten up, there are more important things to do than attack white people and half-Pakistanis who are Tommy’s supporters because they talked about Jewish behaviors.

These particular Jewish handlers do not seem to be very good at their jobs. If they were, they would quietly dissociate from these two women and then go back to focusing on Tommy’s plight and the ongoing Islamic threat to Britain, instead of making this huge scene talking about the oppression of Jews and the threat of “neo-Nazis.”

Avi Yemini, who has both Australian and Israeli citizenship, describes himself as a media personality.

The bio on his website reads:

I grew up in an ultra-orthodox Jewish home of 17 children. I was born the night my parents moved from Sydney to Melbourne. They drove interstate in a van with nine children, when my mother was nine months pregnant and I was born as soon as they drove into Melbourne.

Our family was ruled by an abusive and narcissistic father who used systematic violence and a distorted and warped interpretation of religion to control, manipulate and ultimately traumatize for over 30 years. I was kicked out of home at 13 years old and spent time on the streets, in group homes and foster care. I ended up addicted to heroin and often found myself in trouble with the law.

At nineteen I volunteered to join the Israel Defence Force in a bid to kick my addiction and do something meaningful with my life. My time as a Golani sharpshooter changed me and the experience of finally belonging to something that felt like a family helped turn things around for me.

After serving almost 3 years in the Gaza Strip I returned to Australia to start my own gyms which today are known as the largest Krav Maga centres in Australia.

I’m now often asked to comment on issues relating to self defence, counter-terrorism, being pro-Israel in Australia and the Jewish community in Melbourne.

He was once denied entry to the United States earlier this year on suspicion that he was planning to commit acts of terrorism.

10 Daily, April 11, 2019:

Controversial right-wing figure Avi Yemini has spoken to 10 daily after he was interrogated by U.S. authorities amid fears his presence in the country would incite violence.

Yemini, who served in the Israeli Defense Force, uses social media to spread his anti-Islam sentiments.

Earlier this week Yemini said on social media that his tour in the U.S. would combat fake news.

Less than 48-hours later he was turned away by immigration officials when trying to enter the country.

“Upon arrival in Los Angeles I was detained and interrogated by the FBI and am currently waiting to be deported from the USA,” he wrote in a tweet on Friday morning.

A friend and fellow conservative Sydney Watson backed his claims.

“For real. They separated Avi and me and sent us off in different directions after questioning me at length about our intentions to be “violent”,” she said in a tweet.

Watson, who is a dual Australian-American citizen, also has a growing online following. She is best-known for her YouTube videos where she broadcasts anti-feminist and anti-immigration views.

“It’s really hard being picked up by border patrol, questioned for two hours by border agents and the FBI and asked questions about if you intend to hurt anyone or pick up weapons,” she said on Instagram.

She said Yemini had been in custody for eight hours.

“The reason Avi Yemini was deported and I wasn’t is because I am an American citizen,” she hypothesised.

Yemini told 10 daily American cable television channel Comedy Central had something to do with the ban.

He recently appeared in a segment — which aired on the channel — about growing far-right sentiments in Australia. It was filmed in January and broadcast following the Christchurch massacre.

Since the segment was broadcast, Yemini has repeatedly contacted program makers about the way he was depicted.

“If I watched the segment, that guy that they put out there, I would hate him too,” he told 10 daily.

When he agreed to do the interview he said it was on the proviso they “don’t put me in the same story as neo-Nazis,” he told 10 daily.

Yemini said editing and context were manipulated and he was planning to walk into Comedy Central and confront producers, who weren’t responding online.

He was denied entry into the U.S. 15 years ago, for spending too many months within the same calendar year and was suspected of intending to immigrate there.

After the above article was published, Yemini went on Twitter whining about it. He mentioned the fact that he was a heroin addict wasn’t relevant, and they appear to have removed that fact from the article at his request.

He also pled guilty to charges of beating up his wife earlier this month. Not that I’m against people beating up their wives necessarily, but getting charged with that and pleading guilty is part of a pattern of risky behavior.

He is also clearly on steroids.

He runs a martial arts gym in Australia, which he uses to recruit people into the Israeli Defense Force, of which he is himself a veteran.

The Age, November 1, 2015:

The Melbourne gym that offered to teach its members to use firearms like elite Israeli army snipers in April is now offering to help Australians join the Israel Defence Forces.

IDF Training, a private gym in Caulfield, is best known for its courses in Krav Maga​, a form of combat training used by the IDF and popular abroad as a form of self-defence.

It received national attention after The Age revealed in April it had emailed its members, including minors, to spruik a new shooting course called “Intro to Israeli Tactical Shooting” at Oakleigh Pistol Club.

IDF training is co-owned by former Israel Defence Forces (IDF) soldier Avi Yemini​, who spent almost three years on the border of Gaza serving as a Golani Brigade sharpshooter.

Mr Yemini said after the recent spate of “lone wolf” attacks in Israel, there had been “a big response” to the gym’s offer to help recruit Australian fighters to Israel.

“I think that people who see it – both Australian and Jewish – what’s going on in Israel, all the knife attacks at the moment, people stop to think ‘what can I do?’,” he said.

It is illegal for Australians to travel to declared areas in Syria and Iraq, or to provide any assistance to armed groups in Syria.

“People will compare what we’re doing to Islamic State, but people need to remember there’s a big difference,” Mr Yemini said.

“What we’re doing is promoting joining the forces of an ally to Australia. We have the same mentality and the same philosophy … there’s no comparison between the two.”

See, bringing up the fact that people compare the IDF to ISIS is not really very smart. He offered that information willingly. And his only statement explicating a difference between the two terrorist groups is that the IDF is an ally of Australia.

This is a very low quality Jewish spy. And yes, when you are in a country recruiting for a foreign military, you are a spy, even if you are open about what you are doing.

Why is This Jew Running Tommy Robinson’s Social Media While He’s in Prison?

It isn’t totally clear how an Australian Israeli Jew ended up running Tommy Robinson’s website and YouTube channel while he’s in prison. What seems to be happening is that Tommy himself has connections to Israel, has been supported and gotten money from Israelis, and simply goes along with whatever the Israelis want him to do.

Last year, it was revealed that Tommy’s legal defense was being paid for by Israeli Jews.

Middle East Monitor:

A notorious hardline, pro-Israel conservative think tank has claimed that it is helping fund the legal expenses of jailed far-right British activist Tommy Robinson.

In a statement published Sunday, the Middle East Forum (MEF) also took credit for funding protests that have taken place in support of Robinson, real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon.

Robinson was jailed for 13 months in May, “after being given 10 months for contempt of court, which he admitted, and a further three months for breaching a previous suspended sentence”.

MEF said it is “helping Robinson in his moment of danger”, in “three main ways”: using “monies to fund his legal defence”; “bringing foreign pressure on the UK government to ensure Mr. Robinson’s safety and eventual release”; and “organising and funding” the 9 June rally in London.

This Yemini Jew was apparently suggested to him by some of these money contacts. Yemini, as seen above, is active in “right wing” circles in white countries, and is also an established Israeli spy, so I would expect that pushing him on Tommy was a logical move for Tommy’s Israeli benefactors. It also appears that the Rebel Media Jew Ezra Levant was involved in getting the Jew Yemini involved with the Tommy movement.

Yemini appears to have gotten involved with the Tommy movement last year when Tommy was briefly jailed for the crime that he is now in jail for again – that of filming Moslems outside of a courthouse. Yemini was involved in protests in Melbourne in support of the “#FreeTommy” campaign.

It appears that sometime earlier this year, during Tommy’s free time between prison sentences, Yemini flew from Australia to Britain, apparently with the flight being paid for by Ezra Levant.

The Guardian, May 17, 2019:

There has been outside help, too, from Robinson’s former employer, the rightwing Canadian website Rebel Media, which said this week that it had paid for the Israeli-Australian commentator Avi Yemini to fly from Melbourne to cover his campaign. Yemini, who was recently denied entry to the US, has described Islam as a “barbaric ideology” that has taken over England and called Muslim countries “Islamic shitholes”. Yemini is little known in the UK but has been ever-present at Robinson’s rallies, often as a warm-up act on stage or in videos taking aim at critics of the would-be MEP. His recent videos promoting Robinson include “PROOF: Tommy Robinson PROTESTORS are just PAID thugs” and “CONFIRMED: Tommy Robinson ‘protestors’ are cowards”.

This is apparently when they began making a documentary together called “Shalom.”

It appears that during this period, when Yemini was visiting Tommy and helping him out with his rallies, they made the decision that he would take over his social media while he was locked up.

And shortly after he was locked-up, the situation of Shazia Hobbs and Dionna Miller developed, and Yemini decided to use his control of Tommy’s media to attack and defame them as neo-Nazis.

Is Tommy Doing This on Purpose?

The question that often comes up when discussing the Jewish involvement in the Tommy movement is whether or not Tommy is purposefully diverting attention away from the issues that matter to the British people and onto Jewish issues, or if he is simply the victim of these Jewish meddlers.

I am personally inclined to give Tommy the benefit of the doubt on this issue. He appears to be genuine in his dislike for Moslems and his desire to stop the grooming gangs, radical mosques and other issues involving the Islamic takeover of Britain. What the Jews are doing is offering money in exchange for his taking on Israeli and Jewish issues as part of his campaign, and I can see why he would think this was a fair trade. As we all know, when you’re in a right-wing movement, money is hard to come by.

We saw with the case of the gay cameramen, as reported by MILO, that Tommy was being openly ripped off and didn’t really understand what was going on. I think he is probably not especially sharp, and is a trusting person, and doesn’t exactly understand how weird it is to have a British movement against Islamic grooming gangs that is all of a sudden talking about how important it is to fight for a foreign country.

The bizarre nature of taking a movement that originally had very clear goals and making it about defending the interests of a foreign country has also apparently floated over the heads of many of the people involved in the Tommy movement. However, it seems that at some point, this is going to become so glaringly obvious that everyone will start scratching their heads. And the attacks on Shazia Hobbs, Dionna Miller and Mark Collett – people who all support Tommy Robinson – while Tommy is in prison getting beaten up are the beginning of the unraveling of this entire weird saga.

I hope that when Tommy gets out of jail, he can clean this mess up, and return his movement to its roots of being against the Islamic takeover of Britain instead of being this weird Jewish-Israeli defense movement. There is certainly no benefit to making a pro-British political movement all about Jews and Israel.

Tommy needs to understand that the British people do not need a “Shalom” documentary about how great Jews are. Even if Jews were really great, people do not support Tommy Robinson because they want to hear about how great Jews are. They support Tommy Robinson because he fights against the Islamization of Britain.

Jews claim to care about that cause, but when they begin making everything about themselves, they end up not even talking about Islam anymore and even start saying that Moslems are good and they just need to assimilate better. In other words, they are sabotaging Tommy’s original agenda in multiple different ways and making his movement useless.