Tommy Robinson Tells Tucker Carlson About Solitary Confinement, Starvation, Harassment by Moslems in UK Jail

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2018

Tommy looks like he’s seen better days.

If you give the video a listen, you’ll understand why.

Strap in your jimmies before you hit play, though – because they’re in for a rustling.

You could kill a man in cold blood in America, and you’d get a fair trial, probably enough food (depends on the state) and you wouldn’t get thrown in solitary confinement in a baking hot cell and have Moslem invaders throwing shit through your window five times a day after praying to their pedophile caravan raider false prophet.

That’s a lot more than Tommy Robinson got, for asking people questions on the street and livestreaming it.

Thank God for our lad Tucker, or there wouldn’t be one man on TV telling the American people about the paki rape gangs.

Let’s be honest, folks – we’re gonna need someone in 2024. I don’t see any better options, and he’s looking like a pretty fine one from here.