Tommy Robinson Suspended From Twitter – They’re Coming for the “Moderates” Now

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2018

Tommy Robinson is in trouble again.

He’s been put in Twitter jail over something he tweeted related to Muzzie grooming gangs.


A freedom of speech row has erupted on Twitter after far-right activist Tommy Robinson was suspended from the platform. His supporters soon hit out at the company, claiming their rights of expression are being curtailed.

Robinson (real name Stephen Christopher Lennon) previously had his official ‘blue tick’ stripped by the social media giant. He has now been suspended from Twitter altogether after quoting a report which gave details on grooming gangs in the UK.

Think tank the Quilliam Foundation detailed, in a report released last month, that 84 percent of people convicted of child grooming-gang offenses since 2005 were from an Asian background. The report found 222 of 264 of people convicted of specific grooming-gang crimes were Asian, while 18 were listed as white and 22 as black.

Does this surprise anyone? Shit, I bet the “Whites” that do engage in child-grooming are really just kikes anyway [the only whites I’ve ever seen involved were women -Ed]. And Muzzie child-grooming gangs is old news. These subhumans want to fuck every single White woman and kill every single White man.

This is how conquering armies operate.

The real story though is this: lest we forget, when the Daily Stormer and various Alt-Right accounts on Twitter and Youtube came under attack, all of these “moderate” voices kept silent. 

Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones are also facing censorship now.

Did they really think that the Left would stop with Andrew Anglin?

Well, if they did, they made a massive mistake. But I believe their decisions were informed by their complete cowardice or misunderstanding of how the Jewish media operates. Perhaps they really thought that they could get away with their activities as long as they threw a few frog-posters, anon content creators and Anglin under the bus.

Again, they were all either cowards or idiots.

And honestly, they didn’t really even have to back the Alt-Right to the hilt or anything like that. They didn’t need to come out and explicitly accept White Nationalism in front of their world.

All they needed to do was come out in defense of free speech as a principle.

But they didn’t. And what did that do for them in the end?

It bought them some time, that’s all.

And now the purges against people like Alex Jones on Youtube and Tommy Robinson on Twitter among many other more moderate right-wing personalities are starting.

So congrats guys, enjoy the ban. Don’t say that you weren’t warned that it was coming, though.