Tommy Robinson Jailed for 13 Months and Subjected to State-Mandated Media Blackout for Protesting Rape-Gangs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2018

This poor bastard is going to jail for… protesting rape gangs… and the government ordered a complete media blackout on his arrest and sentence inside of Britain.

That is… wew.

Remember, this guy is Alt-Lite. He works for the Jew Ezra Levant. He is a self-identifying Zionist.

We’re not talking about National Action here.

Basically, this is applying “Neo-Nazi Anti-Semite” levels of suppression and oppression to a Jew-loving classical liberal who is against Islamic rape gangs.


EDL leader-turned independent journalist Tommy Robinson was jailed for 13 months on Friday. Leeds Crown Court blocked the media from publishing anything about Robinson’s imprisonment via reporting restrictions.

Robinson was on a suspended sentence, as he had previously been arrested for contempt of court after filming outside Canterbury Crown Court in May.

The reporting restriction prevented the publication of any content to do with Robinson’s arrest and subsequent imprisonment.The Independent, however, successfully appealed the reporting restriction on Tuesday.

On Friday, Robinson’s media team spoke with RT about his arrest.

The former EDL leader, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley, was arrested in Leeds after confronting defendants as they entered the courthouse to face trial over sexual abuse allegations. Robinson and his team were producing a live video for social media as several of the 29 defendants accused of child sex abuse and neglect entered the courthouse.

In a video posted on social media, Robinson – a self-styled defender of free speech – can be seen being arrested by a team of police officers. He is put in the back of a police van, with officers telling him that he was under arrest for “incitement” and “breach of the peace.”

It’s all white cops.

Led of course by a lady cop.

Here’s the full stream that he’s being sent to jail for.

This is the absolute state of Britain – the British police being deployed to arrest British people protesting a foreign gang sex-trafficking underage British girls.

Despite being told that Robinson was to be released, the right-wing campaigner’s media producer Caolan Robertson confirmed to RT on Friday that Robinson has been jailed.

“He’s going to die in prison,” Robertson said. “He’s not going to survive.” Robertson, who was present in court, told RT that Robinson’s lawyer had appealed to the judge as he faced multiple and significant threats on his life during his time in prison. “This is a death sentence,” the producer added.

He was hauled before the court amid claims that he had “damaged the court’s integrity and [acted with] prejudice against the defendant,” his media team told RT.

His producer told RT that his phone has been ringing off the hook with offers of help from all over the world. He said that the outspoken right-wing campaigner will have the best legal defense in the world.

“The next step is to fight it with every resource the right wing has,” he said. “The entire country is going to erupt because of this.”

Picketers have already held three protests since Robinson’s arrest on Friday, which took place at Speaker’s Corner and Downing Street.

The case in question has previously seen enraged picketing outside the courthouse, while protesters seen in April screaming abuse at defendants as they arrived at court. The case has seen 29 people charged in an inquiry into child sex abuse and neglect in Huddersfield.

Just so we’re clear here:

  • Tommy Robinson was arrested for “inciting racial hatred” for protesting Islamic “grooming gangs” outside of a courthouse
  • The court decided to switch up the charges to “contempt of court” because apparently by appearing outside of a courthouse, it is being alleged, he could have influenced the trial somehow
  • The court ordered a media blackout on reporting on the subject
  • He has been sentenced to 13 months in prison for protesting these gangs… or for contempt of court somehow

The media blackout has now been lifted, because I think they decided that was a bit too much, since everyone was just going to see it on the internet on American sites anyway. Boomers don’t really understand the cyber.

For those who do not know the history of Robinson, here’s some stuff.

Daily Sun:

Tommy Robinson, 35, is a controversial right-wing political activist from Luton, Beds.

His real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, but he has been known to use several aliases, including Andrew McMaster and Paul Harris.

Robinson is the former leader of the English Defence League (EDL), a far-right street protest movement.

It barely fit the definition of “far-right” – what it was was a MILO/Sargon-tier “classical liberal” group that was against Islam because it restricts “personal freedoms” such as feminism and gay “sex.”

It was extremely pro-Israel.

They did protests with black people and rabbis.

Again – these sorts of measure being used against Tommy Robinson were used against National Action and Joshua Bonehill years ago. They have recently been used against intellectual and conference organizer Jez Turner and more members of National Action.

But National Action is something much, much more extreme. Even though they were following the law, they were also sieg heiling in public with posters of Hitler.

Free speech is free speech and theoretically there should be no difference, but in practical terms, there is a very big difference.

Tommy Robinson and his merry band of “liberalists” did not speak out when National Action was bizarrely declared a terrorist group and all of its members rounded up.

So now the beast has come around to them.

I take no pleasure in the fact that my nemesis Sargon of Akkad is next in line in this procession of shutting it down.

Actually though it will be sort of funny to hear him saying to the lady cop throwing him a van: “wot? wot? are you serious? wot? Officer, have you even read Locke? Do you even understand what I am saying to” – *van door slams shut*.

Back to the history of Tommy…

The group – which he co-founded but left several years ago – are opposed to the spread of “militant Islam”.

He headed the group from 2009 until October 8, 2013 when he was persuaded to leave the organisation after speaking with anti-extremist think tank Quilliam.

Robinson later went on to claim he was paid £2,000 per month for Quilliam to take credit for his leaving the EDL.

That was ultra-lulzy.

He took their money and then outed them as a hoaxologist group.

He was banned from Twitter in March for… race hate or whatever.

He now works for the criminal Jew Ezra Levant’s “The Rebel Media,” who has the singular goal of deflecting attention from Jews onto Moslems and “liberals.”

But for all of Tommy’s refusal to address the actual problem of the West – the Jew – he is still being treated like a Nazi, subjected to the full Nazi treatment.

Once it is acceptable for one group in society to be oppressed and subjugated, it is inevitable that that process will continue until all elements of society opposed to the mainstream doctrine of the society are removed.